East Haven Defibrillatorand VETS scheme

by East Haven Together in Easthaven, Scotland, United Kingdom

We did it
On 2nd April 2017 we successfully raised £2,915 with 34 supporters in 28 days

To fund a defibrillator and Village Emergency Telephone Scheme for our small coastal community.

by East Haven Together in Easthaven, Scotland, United Kingdom

Who are we?

East Haven is a small costal community on the Angus coast with with a population of around 100 residents and is one of the oldest recorded fishing communities in Scotland dating back to 1214.

Our Community

Although our village is small we have worked together to create a strong community and a place that people care about. We take part in the Beautiful Scotland compeition every year and in 2016  won a Gold award in addition to Best Coastal Village and the Garden for Life Biodiversity Award. Last year also saw East Haven achieve the first community led Beach Award on mainland Scotland. Thousands of people now visit East Haven every year so residents entered into a partnership with the Local Authority to clean and manage the public toilets which they renamed the 'wee gallery'.  

Caring for our Natural Heritage

In addition to creating community gardens and keeping the area  litter free we work to protect and conserve the environment and natural heritage. For example, we have planted Kidney Vetch the sole plant food of the UK's smallest butterfly the Small Blue. We also help to conserve a rare plant called the Greater Yellow Rattle as East Haven is the only place in Scotland where it grows naturally. Last Year we held a Community BioBlitz when we recorded every plant, insect, bird and animal we could find.  A total of 347 different species. We are holding a mini bioblitz in 2017 where we will do more work to identify and record different species. 

Why do we want a Defibrillator and Village Emergency Telephone Number?

During the last thirty years, four residents have died from sudden cardiac arrest, three people on the beach  and another in their own home.  In 2012, a new coastal path was formed and improvements made to the village environment. As a result,  thousands of visitors now pass through the village every year. Ambulance access is  difficult due to the geography of the village and a low bridge restricting vehicular access to the beach area.  

We would like to purchase a 'Ten Year Managed Solution Package' from the Community Heart Beat Trust. This will provide a modern defibrillator which can be accessed by members of the public from a converted telphone box in the village square.  The defibrillator and associated equipment  is supported by CHT for ten years.  In addition, the package provides  training, post incident counselling, insurances and installation costs.

How does the Village Emergency Telephone Number Work?

The Village Emergency Telephone  provides a single emergency telephone number for the village. In an emergency, after dialing 999, the VETS number is phoned. This rings out to ten resident's (responders) phones simultaneously. The responder able to take the emergency call mobilises all the help neded. This might be to fetch the community defibrillator and take it to the casualty. Alternatively, it might be to guide ambulances to a property or help ambulance personel to reach the casualty by car.  Like many villages, East Haven has an ageing population with  29% of residents  aged over 70 years and 22% of residents living alone.  The acquisition of a defibrillator and VETS scheme will enable East Haven to manage emergencies more effectively and save lives.

Costs  - We are looking to raise £5,600

Who will benefit?

Residents and the thousands of visitors who pass through East Haven every year.

What do we want to do? - Save Lives and become an even stronger community


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A sincere thank you for your kind donation

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We are really grateful for your donation. If you would like to attend a mini BioBlitz in East Haven on Saturday 3 June at 10am please forward your details to us. This is a small environmental event at which we will identify and record, birds, bees, butterflies and plants. A light lunch will be provided

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Thank you in advance for your donation. Please let us know if you would like a copy of our booklet, Memories O' the Ha'en. (We will need your name and address details). This booklet was written to commemorate East Haven 800.

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Thank you so much for your donation. If you would like to attend CPR and defibrillator training please provide us with your contact details

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Thank you for your donation. Please accept an invitation to visit East Haven and enjoy a Cream Tea for two

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We are very grateful for your donation. If you would like us to promote your company name, logo and small biography on our web-site please forward your details.

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For this large donation we will wear your logo on our jackets during events, gardening and clean up activities. Please provide us with a high resolution logo.

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