east coast thames esturary lobster hatchery

by gary h in Brightlingsea, England, United Kingdom

east coast thames esturary lobster hatchery


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the aim is to raise funds for the equipment to breed lobsters in order to release to the wild in order to rebuild the stocks in our area

by gary h in Brightlingsea, England, United Kingdom

it will be a family based project inclusive of local fisherman with an aim to secure  and rebuild a fishing community which has been in decline since the 80s, i myself currently own and operate a fishing boat from brightlingsea mainly targeting lobsters on a part time basis in order to keep my dream alive, but my primary job is a boat yard owner operator .

with brexit and the dreaded covid 19 i have decided to change tack and push to make my dream of a small fishing community thrive again in my home town brightlingsea . ive now decided to clear part of my building to accomodate a lobster hatchery and make positive steps in the hope that younger generations will benifit from a sustainable fishery .

up until four years ago the lobsters were just about holding their own but an easterly gale came along and washed thousands ashore leaving them dead, this included adults and juviniles which has almost stunted the fishery.

the hatchery once running has the capacity to breed and release upto 50000 small lobsters a year and by doing so the fishery will slowly come back to life,obviously not all of the released survive but to give hope and to look to the future is all any of us has.

the other benifit this will have is for our local community being able to get involved by showing the school children the process from start to finish with each person that visits able to see that you have to see beyond today and only we can put things in place now for those after us .

to understand the process please look up the national lobster hatchery in padstowe as we will and already have taken guidance from them.

Let's make 'east coast thames esturary lobster hatchery' happen

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