Earth Nurse - empowering kids to heal the planet

by Tess and Afra in Bristol, England, United Kingdom


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Earth Nurse aims to empower children to protect fauna and flora digitally, with e-books, books and creative activities to inspire!

by Tess and Afra in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Ok wow...THANK YOU SO MUCH. We have reached our stretch target, this is huge!

We will spend this extra £1000 to keep the website going with mobile optimized improvement for five years!  We're also going to look into more activity sheets and e-books to be made into future. It will also go towards to costs of Afra's next book. 


Earth Nurse will deliver empowering children's e-books, digital activities and paperback books to inspire change and educate about precious ecosystems. 

We want to merge the classic children’s storybook format with technology, to truly immerse children in the stories.

The first book we release will be an e-book called 'A Little Mermaid and the Great Big Factory', and will include downloadable activity sheets. 

We will be raising £5,000 to make this happen.


We are a mother daughter-duo passionate about animal conservation and solving environmental issues through creativity and people power

  • Afra my mother, is a talented artist, writer and poet, who has written and illustrated beautiful children’s books about saving the planet for the past 20 years. 
  • I’m Tess, her daughter, a digital marketer by day, who also runs an organic seaweed skincare business called Seatox. (I love making short films for small independent businesses and causes close to my heart (like seals conservation projects!)

We’re combining our passions and skills to go beyond a storybook in an interactive digital format, giving children a chance to learn about the ecosystems, animals, plants and themes that feature in Afra’s books.

With my mother's artistic talents and my digital and start-up business knowledge, we believe we're the right two people to bring this project to life!


Each of the books is an intricately painted and poetically written masterpiece. The books cover a beautiful habitat, have a unique storyline and convey an environmental problem with hopeful solutions.

Lots of other people and organisations sing praise about books by Earth Nurse Press too...

Two of the books 'Green Makes White' and 'The Best Job in the World' have already been finished. Afra also has two more books on the horizon, so there will no shortage of stories and content for our website!


A Little Mermaid and the Great Big Factory!

10 years ago Afra wrote and illustrated a story about a mermaid being choked by plastic pollution in the Ocean. The book was adapted into a children’s play, but never made it to be published. 10 years on and the message is just as strong as ever. Marine wildlife is still being harmed and this little mermaid is still in trouble! 

We have decided to revive this storybook first and adapt it into a colourful digital e-book to spread the message as far as possible!

The story will come with:

 - A downloadable copy of E-book for you to keep, forever.

- A marine wildlife guide for children to spot the animals they will see in the book and when they visit the Sea!

- An activity sheet to learn about Ocean ecosystems.

- An action pack that we will make, with local beach cleans from our partner charity 'Surfers against Sewage'. There will be plenty of ideas and resources for kids to take action!

- a donation to Surfers Against a Sewage - who are a wonderful Ocean activism charity!


The plan is to launch an empowering website encouraging children to learn more about the worlds fauna and flora called EARTH NURSE.

We want to offer the books in special earth nurse kits and expand the storytelling experience. We’ll also sell paperback copies of Afra’s books, alongside activity sheets, craft tutorial videos and story readings.

Every earth nurse book kit, will come with a guide, so children can learn all about the animals they see and spot them in the book and on holiday! 

In the future we want to be able to offer an all encompassing kit of activities centered around each story. 

This would include:

  • An e-book/ Paperback of the story 
  • A outdoor resource/activity to learn about the ecosystem 
  • An arts and crafts video tutorial about an ecosystem or theme of the book
  •  'take-action' packs to encourage positive steps for change after reading the book 
  • Activity colouring in sheets and tons of downloadable fun, engaging and educational content! 

We’re an ambitious team too, our aim in the future is to build a subscription box and Children’s iPad and mobile app, with all of these integrated features. A digital space for our audience to explore books and learn through activities and art and crafts about the ecosystems in the books.

With two more stories lined up from Afra and a vision to curate similar books and activities from purpose-led authors, there will be plenty of fresh books on the website.

But first things first, we aim to raise this £5,000 to fund our website, first e-book and activity sheets.

We've got some great pledge gifts for you!

£12 or over - Anyone who pledges £12 plus can receive the finished mermaid e-book and digital activities.

£18 and over - You're going to get some earth nurse butterfly and bee seeds!

£25 or over - Your choice of a Seatox seaweed bath or face mask, made from sustainably hand harvested seaweed from the pristine shores of the Irish Atlantic

£40 or over - Wow! This is really special. You'll get a physical copy of Afra's latest book 'The Best Job in the World' It's about Xingfu a young chinese boys life in rural China. It's the mother and father of all panda cub stories for you to enjoy, with amazing insects and funny jokes to find crawling about its pages.!

£75 or over - You'll get 1 beautiful print and 3 christmas cards of Afra's artwork!

£100 or over - You' get a poster and 5 christmas greetings cards! + a big Thank You in the first e-book!

What will the money be spent on?

Professional Scan digital copies from Niche Frames of 'A Little Mermaid and The Great Big Factory' and 'Green makes White 

Graphic design, Indesign costs to turn into digital books

Activity sheets and video budget for shooting the extra content (includes camera hire, casting and actors, creating the content, editing)

Online shop to purchase digital bundles, e-books and physical copies of Afra's books (includes fees, e-commerce extension for digital files, and domain) 

Web design costs 

Money for time spent by Afra on the covers for 'A Little Mermaid and the Great Big Factory and two updated illustrations'

If we exceed our stretch target

Designing the sets of arts + craft, designing more activity sheets and extra content!

Funds towards publishing Afra's next book.

Other ways to support us

Thank you so so much if you can support our crowdfunder by pledging, however if you can't, we completely understand too! How about supporting us by sharing our crowdfunder on social media?

All help is very much appreciated! 

Thank you, 

Afra and Tess  xxx


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£35 or more

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Afra's latest panda children's book

You'll receive a physical copy of Afra's latest book! 'The Best Job in the World', follows a Xingfu as he shows us his world, it's full of surprises and features some very adorable panda bears. This book is a limited edition book and is unreleased, so this is really special. - You'll also receive: A Thank You e-card !

£10 or more

First Earth Nurse E-Book Bundle + Thank You

You're going to get a free e-book of Afra's 'A Little Mermaid and the Great Big Factory' alongside all the extra digital activities. + You'll be the FIRST to see the website and we will keep you in the loop when we release a new Earth Nurse Book Bundle. We're also going to send you one a beautiful thank you E-card! *Note - The e-card will come first.

£15 or more

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Butterfly and Bee seeds

You'll receive your very own Earth Nurse Press seeds, for you to plant a butterfly and Bee garden and encourage biodiversity!

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Seatox Skincare product and ThankYou Card + Poem

Your choice of a sumptuous seaweed spa bath soak or kelp face mask. All together you'll get: - A Organic Seaweed bath or Face mask from Seatox Seaweed Check out the products here:

£75 or more

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1 beautiful print and 3 christmas cards

You're going to receive a limited edition print of your choice from Afra's Illustrations. Perfect for posters on a kids bedroom wall. Or framed in the house. We're also going to send you 3 beautiful christmas cards from Afra's previous book 'Green Makes White' based in the Artic. Featuring lots of beautiful Seals, Whales and more!

£100 or more

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Limited edition poster + 5 greeting cards

You'll get a poster and 5 christmas greetings cards, all from beautiful illustrations of Earth Nurse Press stories + an optional big Thank You with your name in the first book!

£600 or more

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- Your logo alongside our chosen charities on the first page of the book! - A set of 100 limited edition postcard prints with your logo on the back to give to clients! (printed on eco-friendly paper) - A big thanks and your logo will also be featured our website too! - Please email and we can discuss any other requirements that might suit your business!

Let's make 'Earth Nurse - empowering kids to heal the planet' happen

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