Early Childhood Development Kits

Early Childhood Development Kits

Development of New ECD kits for Centers and Schools as per NCF to improve the quality of education for learners in rural areas.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Dear Donors,

My name is Rob and I am raising funding to assist with the development of ECD Classroom Kits which meet the requirements of the National Curriculum Framework for South African learners in rural locations, and to assist with kits where classrooms do not have such a resource for learners.

There are numerous ECD centers and schools which require classroom kits, however the kits can be quite costly and due to the number of items per kit, the quality of some of the items is questionable. This may be due to the number of centers/schools that must receive kits versus budget value available.

There are also shortages of kits in some centers and schools as the quantity of kits supplied do not cater for either the number of classrooms or the number of learners in a classroom.

Therefore, the goal is to raise enough funding to first create a new cost effective, good quality compliant kit, with samples for approval, and then secondly to supply the kits to the centers and schools with shortages of kits, using such to pilot the kits for assessment.

By doing this, the number of kits supplied each academic year to centers and schools will increase due to the kits being more cost effective, and the quality of the kits will be more consistent.