Each Other - Short Film

by Anne-Marie Savory in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

Each Other - Short Film


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We are a group of third year film students creating a short film that deals with the personal costs imposed by the politicisation of hatred.

by Anne-Marie Savory in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom


In a fictional world that mirrors our own, three lifelong friends discover firsthand the dangers of choosing nation over family.

About the Film

We live in uncertain times. Across the Western world rising fear has led to rising nationalism, and governments of major nations have begun talking in terms that would have been unthinkable a decade ago.

Our short film, 'Each Other', will explore the human cost of the rise of intolerance and the imposition of borders. Set in a fictional country, the film is inspired by current events including Brexit and Donald Trump’s wall, and the constant power shifts in twentieth-century Europe that resulted in the redrawing of dozens of borders. It seems to be a recurring aspect of human nature to want to put up barriers to keep the others out.

Too often, the reality of these events is veiled in the dry language of politics and glossed over as if they are just a thing that is happening; impersonal statistics to be ignored. Our film will go to the human level and look at the damage that is caused to ordinary people when their lives are torn apart by a political machine driven by men who think their way is right.

Fifty years prior to the events of the film, the country of Zares was formed by the merging of two governments. Following a period of hope and growth, the cracks are beginning to show. Dendrick and Katya have been friends since childhood, and the fact of their differing heritages has never been an issue. Dendrick’s older brother Lon joins the army. When he returns tensions between the two sides have risen, and Lon's military training has begun to change his opinion of Katya.

We believe that it’s important to dig beneath the rhetoric and hatred and remind people of the reality of aggressive nationalism and the personal tragedies that it inflicts, and we need your help to do it.

We need money to pay our actors, to transport cast and crew across country and to get the best set design and costumes to really bring the world to life. Thank you for reading this far, if you can help us with any amount it will be greatly appreciated.

Our Promise

With your help, you give us the opportunity to have the best cast, props, locations, costumes and so much more. Our promise is to use everyone's help to make the best short film possible; something essential and relevant that we will forever be proud of.

Our last film - DOAL: The Department of Affordable Living

We're very proud of the last film that we made. 30 years in the future, home rentals are allocated on a highest-bid system. Arthur Johnson, an employee of the Department of Affordable Living, finds out the consequences of this system as he joins the 50% of the population now living on the streets. 

Meet the Crew

Co-Producer & Camera - Andy Wain

Andy is a mature student and a lifelong film fan. He eventually realised that he wanted to be making films and so embarked on a degree to learn more about the form. He's most interested in cinematography and hopes to progress into the camera department in feature films and television. Andy loves solving problems and relishes the challenges that each new film project presents.

Director - Charlie Lewis

Ever since Charlie can remember, he's always wanted to tell stories. When he was a child he envisioned that would be through the vocation of an author, but it was as he grew older that he realised his creative expression was best utilised with the use of visual aids - which is a fancy way of saying he loves images, and telling stories with them. Reared on a diet of VHS', DVDs and frequent cinema trips, his love of film was ingrained from an early age. Entering adolescence, it was clear to Charlie that he wanted to become a filmmaker. He felt then, and still feels to this day, that he has many stories in him that need to be told; his dream and goal is that he will get to tell them.

Co-Producer & Co-Director - Anne-Marie Savory

Since a young age, Anne-Marie has always had a passion for films, as well as the production behind them. Since finishing her college degree in Media Production, Anne-Marie has the determination to work within the production as either Producer or Director. Although she works a lot on promotional projects with organisations such as St. Monica Trust and The Libertarian Party (UK), Anne-Marie also enjoys the freedom of fictional films, especially with horror and fantasy plots.

Writer - Joseph Parton

After spending most of his childhood wanting to become an actor, his interest in film came at 15 when he started to watch the making of films. Now with his passion aimed at screen acting, there was no one there to make it happen. So he started to write and direct his own films so that he could star in them. After some time, his passion soon moved from acting to the making of films. This lead to a summer film school and eventually university where he specialised in writing and directing.

Editor - Edson Cameron

After studying film theory at A-Level, Ed became interested in filmmaking from a more practical point of view. Starting out in cinematography, his inclination eventually began leaning towards editing. The flexibility that he found in how he could construct stories he felt brought out the best of his creativity, and is hopeful of finding a career in post-production after completing his degree. His early ventures in cinematography also make him a handy camera assistant on set, where he is constantly making sure that everything is running smoothly and efficiently.


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