Shepton Mallet Leisure Centre: Reopening Support

by Shepton Mallet Leisure Centre in Shepton Mallet, England, United Kingdom

Shepton Mallet Leisure Centre: Reopening Support


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After 3 months of closure, suspended memberships and ongoing costs, SMLC is hoping for your support and generosity at this difficult time.

by Shepton Mallet Leisure Centre in Shepton Mallet, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target


After 3 months of closure, during which time we have - quite rightly - suspended membership payments while trying to absorb ongoing costs, Shepton Mallet Leisure Centre is now hoping for your good will and generosity to help support our recovery.

The Shepton Mallet community, especially our members have been so kind during this time, and all of the messages of support and encouragement have been greatly appreciated.

Being fit and active is incredibly important, now more than ever, as we start to battle the effect the lock down has had on us all, both physically and mentally.

The Effect of COVID-19 on SMLC 

The closure has hit our Centre particularly hard, because our unusual business set up has meant that we have been denied all of the funding support that we have applied for.  We are also unable to borrow any money so we cannot rely on any loan schemes to help us through these challenging times.

We appreciate that many people are experiencing financial hardship because of the pandemic, but we do hope that those of you who are in a position to, would consider donating what you can to support us - so that we can get back to what we do best: supporting the well-being of the Shepton Mallet community.

Reopening Plans

When the UK Government allows us to reopen, we want to be at full strength in order to be able to provide the Shepton Mallet Community with the most comprehensive sport and fitness service achievable within the guidelines, to support the Shepton Mallet Community in recovering their physical and mental well-being.  

We are ready with our plans to ensure that our customers are safe in the Centre once we can reopen.  We have taken specialist advice on how to ensure social distancing, and are investing in lots of additional cleaning materials.

We know the next few months will be difficult - but with your support it can be a little easier.

Our Place in the Community

Shepton Mallet Leisure Centre is a community focused sports and fitness centre that benefits a huge number of the Shepton Mallet community, from all walks of life.  We currently have approximately 600 registered members who benefit from sport and fitness facilities, and we also offer pay as you go activities, extending that reach to over 2800 people (currently marked as active on our management system).

The centre offers space and facilities to local sports clubs and groups including:

Shepton Mallet Hockey Club
Future Football
Football Leisure Leagues
Shepton Mallet Taekwondo
Shepton Mallet Squash Club

The centre also caters for a whole host of health and community organisations, offering room hire and convenient, accessible space for activities, including:

Mendip Health Visiting Team (Baby Clinic)
NHS Health Checks
Positive People
Somerset Active Sports Partnership (SASP)
Somerset Family Support (SCC)
Shepton Mallet Rainbows
Music with Mummy
Bridgwater College
Somerset Health Walks

Good value and convenient space is also offered to local businesses for meetings and conferences.

The Centre provides activities aimed at particular sections of the community to encourage activity among those who may otherwise struggle to access it, as well as combating isolation, including ‘Healthy Hearts’ aimed at the older person, who as well as exercising together, socialise afterwards.  

The Centre also offers Exercise Referral sessions, whereby people recovering from injury or illness can be monitored and assisted by a highly trained Fitness Instructor, enabling them to take ownership of their conditions and lessen the burden on local health facilities.

How the Money will be Spent

Although the Centre is currently closed, we still have ongoing costs that must be met, for example building and grounds maintenance, equipment hire costs, some staff costs and customer management software.  The money donated here will help greatly in ensuring these costs can be met and we can reopen with our full service in place when we are allowed to.  We are also aware that our business will be affected for a long time to come, as customers struggle with health and finance difficulties, and as the businesses and organisations that use our facilities also take time to recover and continue their normal activities.

Attracting Additional Support

The amount of money and support raised through this platform could enable us to access additional funds, so every penny really does help, and every supporter of our cause does too!

Let's make 'Shepton Mallet Leisure Centre: Reopening Support' happen

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