3D printed Auto Parts Online Marketplace

by Irma Gilbert in Preston, England, United Kingdom

3D printed Auto Parts Online Marketplace
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Create a 3D Printed Auto Parts online Marketplace for economic development and poverty reduction.

by Irma Gilbert in Preston, England, United Kingdom

Could 3D printing eradicate extreme poverty and hunger?

  • 783 million people live in poverty . The latest global estimate suggest that 11% of the world population lived below the extreme poverty.
  • 9.2 % of world's workers living with their families on less than $1.90 per person per day.

 Source : The World 's Poverty Clock

Poverty is a fundamental global concern that directly affects daily lives of individuals and society as whole .3D printing (Additive Manufacturing ) has proven to be a disruptive technology that has demonstrated the ability to expedite the speed of innovation and create products that were previously not possible.

The Idea of E4-3D Engineering for additive manufacturing is to create  a trusted and secure online marketplace to sell certified CAD files without the fear of loose IP. It allows aftermarket auto parts manufacturers stores the digital designs in central repository for all parts.

E4-3D Engineering for additive manufacturing will provide certified Consumer-ready product files accessible online to allow a person who is capable of using a 3D printer to print any file that is readily available. Anyone who owned a 3D printer would, in theory, not need prior CAD or product design experience to produce a part. Products will be made to order from an existing stereo lithography (STL) file. The elimination of CAD or product design experience allows people to create  new Business and high income  around owning and operating a printer.  Because the final print quality is important and depends on both the consistency and the quality of the printer. E4-3D Engineering for additive manufacturing   offer training on additive manufacturing technologies and post processing quality control.

Why  the need of direct  auto spare parts production?

How can aftermarket auto parts distribution prevent from stockpiles up to 80% of warehouses with very slow moving parts, that may never be used?

We all have cars and all cars need repairs. Over 60 million cars are produced globally each year. Automotive companies maintain spare parts inventory for all car models for 7-10 years, this leads to very high inventory holding cost or a low item fill rate if the part is out of stock

With 3D printed auto parts online marketplace, 3D printing ‘Factory in a Box’ facilities will be installed in local warehouses and product will be printed on demand. Our solution can create local highly paid local jobs while  save over of 90% in the Total Supply Chain costs.  This is achieved by virtually eliminating all Inventory Holding Cost and a big reduction in transportation cost 

The total global opportunity for aftermarket business is £500 billion , actually 10% of spare part can be  designed  for additive manufacturing or re engineered  and ordered from a digital spare part library

The 3D printed auto parts marketplace is  a pay-per-print business model that securely streaming 3D CAD files  without the fear of loose IP.

I am Irma Gilbert and I have over 23 years experience in International manufacturing.

I am asking £10K  to build the Minimum Viable online platform to distribute and   sell the certified and tested  digital design files (STL files ) globally.

Please help us, help other people by backing our campaign! You can donate from as little as £5. Every donation and retweet will go towards helping us build a better, more sustainable future for others


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£70 or more

Custom Made Car Phone Holder

This reward will get you one 3D printed custom car phone holder designed you and to fit your mobile phone and car model. If you use the GPS on your smartphone you can go anywhere and keeping it safe and comfortably within reach of your arms

£5 or more

£ 5 Company Key Chain Holder

With this reward you will get 3D printed cool key chain as thank you for your support . The Company Key Chain is 3D printed in black nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.

£50 or more

£50 One year subscription fee

For £50, you can publish and securely store and streaming files for 3D printing or you can purchase digital files of spare parts of other people or companies . This will give access to the online library with original, certified and IP protected STL files to print the parts

£700 or more

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Tour to Porsche Museum in Stuttgart Germany

With this reward you will get a return flight from U.K , 3 Days stay in a hotel and the cost of the tour to Porsche Museum with our team . https://www.porsche.com/museum/en

£5,000 or more

3D printer and production Kit

With this reward you will get a Desktop 3D printer , raw material for your first production a course in 3D printing entrepreneurship , this will teach how to make money and design for additive manufacturing . The production kit also provide a Consumer-ready product file ,allowing to start make money fast , without prior CAD or product design experience to produce a part.

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