Glossopdale Green Party 2019 Election Fund

by Green Party (Glossop) in Glossop, England, United Kingdom

Glossopdale Green Party 2019 Election Fund
We did it
On 14th April 2019 we successfully raised £125 with 8 supporters in 21 days

Green Party council election candidates in Glossopdale need your help to fund leaflets/posters to support their campaign for a better future

by Green Party (Glossop) in Glossop, England, United Kingdom

The Green Party is growing in influence throughout the UK with more and more councils having Green councillors. It's important that every council has some kind of Green influence to make sure the council accepts its environmental responsibilities but also consider social justice in its decision making. We're lucky in Glossop to be standing Green Party candidates in most wards in the High Peak Council election this year. This gives people a chance to vote for a party that takes a different view of politics.

What difference can The Green Party make in Glossop?

Green Party councillors can make a big difference. On a local level they can make the council rethink some of its decades old attitudes and consider new ways of doing things that take account of environmental responsibilities and social justice, opportunities and responsibilities that are fair for all. History shows that once one Green Councillor is elected in an area, others follow because electors see what a good and committed job they do; they tend not to be career politicians but public servants.

There will be Green Party councillors elected in the High Peak  - let it happen first in Glossop!

Help us to get one of our local people elected to serve Glossopdale by making a contribution to The Green Party campaign. Your donation will pay for leaflets and posters so that The Green Party can compete with the wealthier parties. It's a contribution to a fairer democracy!

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