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E-quality Social Network is the first online social platform for people with Special Needs and Disabilities.

by Equality Social Network Limited in Stone, England, United Kingdom


E-quality Social Network is the first online social platform for people with Special Needs and Disabilities.  

Although the idea was formed as a companionship site before we had ever heard of Covid-19 it has evolved over the year to become a social platform but the method and ethos of the business remains the same.

The public and ambassadors can now understand what it means to be socially inactive and be confined to a house or even a room in a shared living residence. 6 months ago people would have laughed at the idea of doing fitness sessions online for multiple houses across the world.  Now its an everyday occurrence.

Online tutorials from the schools and universities , quizzes from the local pubs and clubs are what people are looking forward to each week.  These are just a few things that our website offers its members.

It is very easy for us to engage in what is out there already as we as able members of the public already have our communities. The local pub, the cricket/football/hockey/rugby club to name a few we all follow and join the entertainment on Facebook due to our day to day activities.

E-quality offers a social platform to enhance the social aspects and wellbeing of people with special needs and disabilities around the world.  Now people can have a different idea as to why it is so important and worthwhile

What we offer

1) Online exercise activities

2) Online 30 minute cooking course

3) Online Quizzes and Games via Roshambo 

4) Online Yoga classes

5) Discount cards for various places such as Iceland Foods, Theme parks, Restaurants and many more.

6) Low cost Hospitality Via Gala Events https://www.galahospitality.co.uk/and Football, Rugby League and Union Clubs

7) An Online Tuck shop offering a variety of choice delivered to your door

8) Access to job portals

9) Access to Careers

10) Specialist to talk to

11) Companionship/Friendship

12) Access to local events to meet fellow members

13) Outdoor activities with our ambassadors, many who are still playing at the top of there career.

14) Help

15) Independence

16) lots of free prizes

17) Holiday opportunities for members and there families.

We will be utilising our ambassadors for events along with nurses and careers in the community. We Posted an add on indeed back in September and we had over 200 applicants to be involved from one county alone.

We offer so much more but these are our key points and we can roll this out globally in time with key countries already identified.

What the money is for 

We set a target of £50,000.   2 months ago to help launch the business online on the 1st February 2021.

So far we have raised just under £30,000.  This has been raised from our connections on LinkedIn.  Lots of current and past sports personalities have chosen to get involved so far.  We have been fortunate to gain some very useful Ambassador,   who we have agreed many different activities from online to real life when permitted.  It really is exciting knowing that when we launch we have a great team around us and a terrific marketing presence due to their social media. (Ironic we Know but our platform is very different to Facebook)

So we are here to raise the remaining funds.  £25,000 is the amount we hope to achieve on here.

The funds will be used to allow for 3 months free membership for new members and for gift packs (key ring, cap, mug etc is the idea) for members and shareholders.

The greatest struggle we have embraced so far is the setting up of the bank account.  With the world it its current pandemic what is usually a difficult part of setting up a new company was almost impossible.  The reason being that if you cant sit in front of people to explain what we are doing you cant tick a box that just isn't there.  It just goes to show we really are the first of our kind.

Revenue in to the company 

This will be made up from membership, events and days out, discount cards, advertisement and sponsorship.

Suggested adult membership runs at £3.00 per week or £10 per month for a year.

Suggested Junior membership runs at £2.00 per week or £5 per month for a year

Suggested discount cards at £10-£20 per year.

There are 1 billion people suffering with special needs and disabilities world wide from people born with them or developing the through life in events such as car accidents, armed service and other aspects.

2% of the business will be set aside for members of staff and dividends to be shared.

5% of profits will go to suggested charities.

Our aim is for 10,000 members by the end of 2021 in the UK.  This is less than 0.001% of the population in the UK with special needs and disabilities.

The Facts

•There are 13.9 million disabled people in the UK. 

•8% of children are disabled 

•19% of working age adults are disabled 

•Source: Family Resources Survey 2016/17

•One billion people, or 15% of the world's population, experience some form of disability, and disability prevalence is higher for developing countries. One-fifth of the estimated global total, or between 110 million and 190 million people, experience significant disabilities.

Please feel free to share this on social media in fact would love you to.  The more people that see this the better.  Not only to help gain the funding but also to spread the word of our company.  Please like, follow and share us and everything we do moving forward.  Your support is appreciated and needed.

Facebook and twitter is @equalitysn

For more information please email matthew@e-quality.org.uk or call Matthew on 07715601808



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