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We are a charity start-up looking to revolutionise the industry and digitalise the way ‘we’ as people donate to charity

by E(PIF)HANY in London, England, United Kingdom

At this present time our team is small, but the dream is big. We want to put an end to homelessness not just the UK but across the Globe, it might not happen in the next few years but we need to put a dent in the universe now. Without your support and funding we cannot go there. We already have developers, partners and huge organisations ready to go, but need the backing and support from the community to empower this vision. The money we raise will go towards development of the solution, marketing materials to raise awareness and fund us to empower each individual we can to support the vision. Without you this would not be possible, let's do this together and put a stop to this. Maslow has a diagram that shows the needs of a human being, if you review this the only thing available to a homeless person is the Air that we breath, lets provide more and give more so that they can also have access to what we as humans deserve to have every day.

We are currently setting up the charity through the government. Which takes time, however once this has been achieved our mission is only at the beginning.