E.A.T Company Presents: Void & Bearpit @ Ed Fringe

by Elvin Acting Theatre Company in Bristol, England, United Kingdom


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We are taking two great and important shows to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival but need your help make this happen.

by Elvin Acting Theatre Company in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

Who are we? 

Elvin Acting Theatre (E.A.T) Company is an emerging reparatory theatre company based in the South West. Here at E.A.T we strive to tell untold stories and promote the underdog. With our mission to "Collaborate, Communicate, Educate and Inspire.”

The company started with the ambition of bringing together professional theatre practitioners in Bath, Bristol and the surrounding areas to give the opportunity for professional performance developed in the South West.
Since we launched in March 2018, Elvin Acting Theatre Company has aimed to create work that has an important message; raising awareness and creating conversations about key subjects such as mental health, suicide and homelessness. In our first year we presented two plays in rep, Girls Guide to Saving the World and Burying you Brother in the Pavement, at the Alma Tavern, Bristol.  These went down a storm with four and five star audience reviews across the board.  We have launched Bristol Playwright Festival and organised workshops for professional actors by industry professionals. We have had an extremely busy first year in Bristol and the South West, but we are now in pursuit of a wider audience.

We believe in stories that help create an open dialogue regarding what can be seen as taboo subjects. Bringing human nature in its rawest form with all of its issues and traumas to the stage where audiences can learn, reflect and begin important conversations. We confront issues that are simultaneously universal and deeply personal. Using visual metaphor, the physical ensemble and the power of storytelling to empathise with situations in a way no other medium can.

Over the past year we have done all we can to help promote and involve performers across the South West to promote and further their careers in the arts. This is culminating in us taking two brand new shows up to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019 this August.We’re aiming to raise over £8000 to fund our biggest adventure yet and need this extra bit of money to help set us on our final stretch.

As full time workers and creatives our own pockets are only stretching so far and do need your help.

Enough about us, what are the shows I hear you ask?


What happens after you die? Angels? A black hole? Perhaps... but what if you choose to die? Enter Grim.


Grim has seen and heard it all. Shoved on suicide duty – will this shift ever end? Grim meets a variety of men who took the final leap. Was it grief? A teenage fixation on Henry Hoover gone wrong? Or an overwhelming need to communicate with the other side? Full of dark humour, tragedy and cool drone shots, Void, winner of Bristol Playwright Festival, explores the choice we all have: life or death.


Note from Faye Elvin (Director): "Suicide is a very particular strand of loss where understanding the struggles of the ones who choose to pass as well as those who are left behind is vital. The story we are telling is one start the ball rolling on this conversation. It is a personal, provocative and emotive subject, but one that needs exploring.  On a personal level, this project has opened my eyes to the need for discussion, to check in with each other and be honest about our emotional state. To quote our text "Suicide is a choice, and not one taken lightly, we may never understand the whys, but we can still love them"

Bear Pit

What is choice? Is your life predetermined? What is the effect of one bad decision?

Bear Pit is Elvin Acting Theatre Company first devised performance and explores the complexities of life, its daily twists and turns – the consequences of the decisions we make and the notions of chance and fortune. Amid the physical rollercoaster and vocal soundscapes, the ensemble transports audiences through a journey of fate, fortune and how our futures can be intertwined in the strangest of ways. This whirlwind adventure has been inspired by the real Bear Pit of Bristol. Will you dare to dive into Bear Pit?

Note from Frazer Meakin (Director): Bear Pit is important because it presents real life on the stage. Humankind and its daily struggles. The aim of Bear Pit is to hold a mirror up to society and connect each character and movement to the drama of our daily lives. Bear Pit helps open the debate regarding who is truly in control of our lives?  Us, the state, a higher power? Maybe your peers.

What next...

Both Void and Bear Pit are in weekly rehearsals.

June 2018 - Elvin Acting will host a fundraising event.

July 11th &12th - Both Pieces will present preview performances at The Rondo Theatre in Bath

August 2nd to 13th - Void will be performed at 13:30 everyday at Q2 PQA Venues at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

August 14th to 26th - Bear Pit will be performed at Q2 PQA at 13:30 everyday at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

We're well aware of the risks, but it is a risk we need to take...

We know going to the Edinburgh Fringe never exactly made anyone money. However we are passionate about sharing these stories.

Our cast and crews travel and accommodation is being covered by this funding, and they will all receive an even share of any profit made.

We'll get as many programmers, reviewers and press to see the show as physically possible. Our long term goal is to take both shows further, on tour, other festivals and small theatres. We firmly believe we don't just have two great pieces of theatre but they talk and deal with messages that need to be shared, helping to create an open dialogue.

Lets not be silenced, lets shout and share!

Money, Money, Money...

This is by no means the start of of our fundraising journey.  

The profits from last years season and Actor workshops have already paid for our registration fee.

We hosted our 'Birthday Party Family Fundraiser' and raised £350

We are looking to raise an extra £1500 through trusts/ business sponsorship.

We have an easyfundraising account and we hope support through this will raise us £50.

Our performance in Bath with an estimate of 40% audience attendance will generate £350.

We are looking to raise a further £5000 through Crowdfunder. This is to cover our accommodation costs

We will then be hosting fundraising events, including a Pub Quiz at the end of June and Musical Theatre Cabaret in July to cover any final costs.

How you can help...

1) Donate as little or as much as you can! Every little helps.

2) Share our Crowdfunder campaign. Help spread the word far and wide!

3) Come and see the show in Bath and/or Edinburgh.

Links for Tickets:

Rondo Theatre 10th & 11th July: PREVIEW TICKETS

Void Ed Fringe 2nd-13th August: VOID

Bear Pit 14th- 26th August:  BEAR PIT

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about us and what we're up to. Any help you're willing to offer, however big or small, for us to help raise conversations about such important subjects to a wider audience is greatly appreciated. Be part of our Edinburgh adventure.

Elvin Acting :) x


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The Void inside the Bear pit!!!!


Let's make 'E.A.T Company Presents: Void & Bearpit @ Ed Fringe' happen

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