by Niv Masil in London, England, United Kingdom

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I am raising money to fund my the Legal Practice Course (LPC) at the University of Law to enable me to become a solicitor.

by Niv Masil in London, England, United Kingdom

I would like to prove to the world - and my community - that being dyslexic does not limit your horizons, even if you choose a career in law.

Having grown up in an area of multiple deprivation (Edmonton, London), with bailiffs at my door almost on a daily basis (due parents being heavily in debt) was not easy - but it's not something my family or I like to publicise - not to people we know anyway. 

I am dyslexic aof Sri Lankan descent, where specific learning difficulties are not very easily understood, so I grew up being branded 'lazy', 'stupid' and being told that I am 'not good enough to become a lawyer'. 

Unfortunately, in 2012, my cohort was the first year encounter the trebling of university tuition fees, which means I graduated with almost a £50,000 debt. To study the LPC, the final academic course before I can even look into becoming a solicitor will cost £16,675 - please see my unconditional offer below. 

I have tried applying for scholarships, sponsorships and have used my personal savings to pay for the deposit in order to secure my place, but came to Crowdfunder as a last resort. I need your help to pay off the remainder of this year's LPC tuition fee of £16,675. 

Are you willing to donate to my cause or help me by sharing my story, so someone else can?

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