How can I survive? I’m a new cancer patient

by Lee Barker in London, England, United Kingdom

How can I survive? I’m a new cancer patient
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To raise money because DWP stopped my benefits because I told them I have cancer.

by Lee Barker in London, England, United Kingdom

My name is Lee. I’ve suffered all my life with a range of different disabilities including something very rare called Raynaud's and Erthroymelagia and now I’ve been diagnosed with brain cancer in my frontal lube hippocampus. I have been in received of PIP and ESA with the severe disability premium for severe years. I notified the DWP that I now have cancer as I am legally bound to do. You are supposed to notify the DWP of any changes in your circumstances however, the DWP stopped my benefits. I am now in receipt of the minimum ESA payment available and will be starting cancer treatment very soon. My side effects are very bad I have been suffering all my life with several different side effects with my lifetime conditions however, now I have cancer my side effects are even worst. I have barely any money for food or even rent. I’ve been denied housing benefit because they said I must claim universal credit. I can’t claim universal credit because it would take five weeks to get anything. I cannot survive for barely a day so five weeks is impossible. I’m on the breach of being evicted by my landlord due to rent arrears and I feel like I’m calling the crisis line where I live more and more every day. I feel in a dark place I feel that I’ve never had to ask for everything in life but now I need to reach out to supporters and charities for help. I’m lost. I’ve got cancer and it’s made myself so weak and I cannot barely sleep. I wake up several times a night with severe headaches every time I wake up in the morning I have a headache that come and go but are severe headaches. I’m having regular MRI’s and this causes me suffering. I’m claustrophobic and I’m on 15 tablets every morning and five at night. I feel the only place to be is not here because I feel there is nothing here for me anymore. I’ve suffered my whole life and now I’ve got cancer it’s a lot harder. I feel hopeless I wish there was someone I could talk to and get help. 

My friend is writing and appealing for supporters because he has seen how I have been all my life. A true friend who has never stepped down and always seen what I’ve had to suffer. If I had the support I need I would not be in this awful place. I hope you can help my dear friend Lee because it’s all too much for him. He’s thinking to much and this is not good for his brain. He deserves this money so he can live at least a normal life have his rent arrears cleared because the council does not support him, cover his daily expenses and care needs because the DWP stopped it and said he needed to go to a tribunal. How can someone who has always been in receipt of benefits be denied them when he notified them he now has cancer? My friend is living on the breadline and at breaking point! 

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