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by Dunloe Solidarity Fund in London, England, United Kingdom

Dunloe Solidarity Fund
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What’s happening? Our housemate & friend B recently secured two years Leave to Remain.He lives in our living room for free. The livin...

by Dunloe Solidarity Fund in London, England, United Kingdom

What’s happening? 

Our housemate & friend B recently secured two years Leave to Remain.

He lives in our living room for free. The living room has damp/mould & each night he is home he pulls out the somewhat grim & lumpy sofa bed to sleep on & each morning puts it back together.

He is a full time care worker, which is a frontline job and he loves what he does. However, it is also incredibly precarious & the person he offers long-term live-in support work to is in hospital again. This is the second time during the pandemic that our housemate has been left without work and financial security by the agency he works for due to a situation out of his hands. This leaves him with limited ways to send money to his family back home - his wife and 3 kids - & unable to make any long-term financial commitments. He is currently trying to pick up work at a local car wash.  

Due to his immigration position, he does not qualify for State support.

We believe: 

  • care work is essential work that holds society together. But it is not valued as such. 
  • This virus knows no borders, and neither should we in our solidarity and mutual aid.

What are we asking?

A room is becoming available in our shared house. We would like B to take it so he can have the security of his own bedroom for privacy and rest when he's not working/able to be in work. 

We are asking anyone who can, to chip in towards rent & bills for him for 6 months. This gives him, as well as the rest of the house, security & peace of mind.

Due to the nature of our house set-up (many people, little space, much mould etc) rent is cheap. So - including bills - supporting our housemate for 6 months would require £350 a month. 

This means we are seeking £2,100 for 6 months.

Anything you can contribute in terms of wishes/shares/monies would be super appreciated. If paying in monthly installments would be better/preferred, please get in touch by contacting us through this page.

What has become clear is that we will make it through this pandemic with grassroots mutual aid & solidarity, not support from the State. And so we hope we can offer this safety & security to our housemate & his family during this time.

In solidarity and with well wishes <3 XX

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