Duncan Royle for Blackpool North & Cleveleys

by Duncan Royle Green Party in Thornton Cleveleys, England, United Kingdom

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Help get more Green MPs elected to Parliament and get Duncan Royle elected as MP for Blackpool North & Cleveleys!

by Duncan Royle Green Party in Thornton Cleveleys, England, United Kingdom

Every elected Green has made a difference and as we face a climate emergency, has been key to any actions taken by councils, government and parties. Today we hear all parties finally acknowledging the urgency and need for action but they fall short on so many levels. The Green Party has always been going in the right direction.

I'm campaigning here in Blackpool North & Cleveleys where I'm from. I now live in nearby Fylde and work as an environmental consultant; I help organisations make better decisions and take better care of the natural environment. A qualified accountant too, I've held many senior finance roles working for 18 years at BAE Systems, Warton. I have always cared about the natural world, and in 2012 decided to make a career switch to work to protect the environment. It is the best decision I ever made.

We are living at the most critical time in human history – we have only a few decades to learn to live in harmony with each other and the planet or face the consequences of failing to do so. I joined the Green Party in 2014 to be part of the solution to these complex problems.

My Priorities:
1. Obviously, climate change. This is not about nature over people. If we don’t take care of the planet, we will lose the capacity to take care of the people. It is that simple. I welcome the declaration of a climate emergency in Blackpool, but the level of action is not enough to meet the challenge. I will work to ensure we have workable plans in place to achieve a zero-carbon future.

2. Prosperity for local people. Blackpool includes some of the most deprived areas in the country and we urgently need well paid meaningful work as part of the solution. As well as growing a thriving local economy we also need to ensure that work pays a living wage as a minimum.

3. Health and well-being. The NHS is under persistent pressure from funding cuts and creeping privatisation. I will fight to properly fund the health service and to ensure it maintains its public service ethos. Policies for encouraging all-round physical and mental well-being are also vital, not only to improve the quality of life, but to reduce health service demand arising from ill-health.

4. Brexit. Over the last three years the complexity and divisiveness of the Brexit issue has become all too apparent. Greens will give power back to people to decide the way forward with a People’s Vote.

5. Democracy. Public faith on our politics has never been so low. Parliament will never be genuinely representative of the people with the distortions of the existing first past the post system. I believe a system of proportional representation is the only way to ensure that all segments of society are properly represented in democratic decision-making.

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