Dun-Roamin' Rescue S.A.D (Save A Dog) APPEAL

Funds needed to promote / boost and support Dun-Roamin' Rehoming in their work saving the lives of abandoned and unwanted dogs

We did it!

On 8th Jun 2015 we successfully raised £5,370 of £5,000 target with 133 supporters in 56 days

New stretch target

A continuation of all the good work that we do


Our project aim

As a small concern with little support, resources or structured funding, we find ourselves very limited to pushing ahead. That never stops us though, we have 8 years under our belt and we are as determined as ever to work hard to save the lives of abandoned and unwanted dogs. We are few but we have a passion and the drive for rehabilitating these animals. In fact we’ve saved the lives of thousands since the rescue was founded, something we are rather proud of. Some of our current inmates and previous rescue friends would not have been taken on by some other rescues. We know society has failed these dogs at least once and we don't want to fail them again. We work hard to rehabilitate, take care of, understand and promote these dogs to find them the homes and owners they truly deserve. Hence why our moto is “Brighter days ahead”. 

Raising this specific appeal amount of £5,000 will partly help us boost the presence of Dun-Roamin' (Dog) Rehoming through some base promotion. This will enable us to inform the general public, potential business partners, sponsor organisations or individuals in advance rather than us working from hand to mouth. But a large chunk of this appeal will be used to cover essentials such as kennelling and veterinary expenses (needed urgently) which we have to find for each dog we help. This amount will give us some breathing space, allowing us to prepare in advance for the months ahead.


About the project

As a dog lover, what could be more important than saving the life of a dog who is to be put to sleep through human failings - i.e. time, space, money or simply a lack of understanding or education when it comes to their behaviour or needs? This is where Dun-Roamin' excels as we are not your average dog rescue. Founded in 2007 the rescue has successfully taken on, re-homed and rehabilitated dogs numbering into the thousands. The majority of which were dumped as unwanted strays on the local authorities. The vast percentage of these have been of the maligned and misunderstood breeds of dogs (due to poor ownership may we add), but because of our experience and knowledge – only a handful of dogs have ever been put to sleep. Further more we've helped rehabilitate them and we’ve proved that these animals deserve to be here.

The main work is done by just 1 full time rehoming manager who's duties are many, 7 volunteers and a team of trustees. We only rent kennels (currently 9 in number) from a supportive local boarding kennels and don't own any premises, land or assets except a 'T' Reg re-homing van and a little equipment. As a result of this, we are often overlooked for any substantial grants by willing organisations because they will not fund work for projects on land that is not owned by the charity. So it leaves us treading water on a year to year basis unable to truly progress due to the lack of resources available to us at present.

Please help us so we can help more dogs in need as well as educate current and potential owners. You will save lives and allow these animals to start better ones with our assistance. 

Thank you for reading and we hope you can support our cause.


For more details about our work please visit www.dun-roamin.com

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