Dumpling Dumpling - What's in Yours?

We want to spread the dumpling love to as many people as we can, and we need you to make this possible by helping us acquire a few key tools

We did it!

On 31st May 2017 we successfully raised £5,339 of £5,110 target with 39 supporters in 33 days

New stretch target

This STRETCH TARGET will give us the dumpling machine we need for expansion.  We will not be limited by production, which is a time consuming process at the moment - although we do love hand making each dumpling for you.

We see Dumpling Dumpling becoming the NATION'S FAVOURITE HOT SNACK and want to be in train stations, shopping centres, airports, high streets, festivals....everywhere!  For this to happen we need to ramp up our production facilities and a machine is the only way we can do this.

Who are we?  

We are Nat and Dan and we're on a mission to create a new street food experience based on the Chinese dumpling but with a global fusion twist!

What's the 'global fusion twist'?

We fill OUR dumplings with YOUR favourite dishes!  The majority of our dumpling fillings are inspired by YOU through our "What's in Yours?" competitions and social media posts.  There are no limitations, these are some of our recent crowd pleasers:

BBQ Pulled Pork  *   Chocolate, Nutella, Peanut Butter & Jam   *   Hoisin Duck   *   Beef Bolognese   *   Roast Dinner   *   Thai Green Curry   *   Summer Fruit Crumble   *   Stir-fried Veg and Paneer   *   Chilli Beef   *   Chicken & Chorizo

We always want to exceed people's expectations and ensure that each little pocket is packed with filling and flavour.  We like to call our dumplings 'FLAVOURBOMBS'!

Why Dumplings?

During a 2.5 year stint  in China teaching English and Western Culture, we fell in love with Chinese food.  Moreover, we fell in love with dumplings.  So much so that Nat's Chinese name is 'jiaozi' (the mandarin word for dumpling)!  Dumplings are a huge part of Chinese culture, and hold significant meaning during festivals such as Chinese New Year!

When we returned to the UK we both continued with our natural career paths whilst dreaming about a life that revolved around dumplings!  One night after making dumplings at home (and a few beers), we had our EUREKA moment - you can put almost anything inside a dumpling!   And Dumpling Dumpling was born.

So we began with a little garden party, cooking in our garage, where we made our favourite selection of fillings.  Response was good.  We then did a few events at the Isle of Wight Rugby Club (which Dan is a part of).  Response was very good.  We then landed a few great opportunities doing private parties.  We were on a roll and didn't want to stop.

In October 2016, Nat took the plunge and went full time Dumpling Dumpling.  One week later, we bagged a pitch (thanks to National Caterers Association (NCASS)) in Westquay Shopping Centre.  We looked at the footfall projections and went 'all guns blazing' in an attempt to make 7000 dumplings by hand in just 2 weeks.  With 18+ hour days and some amazing support from family and friends...we did it!

Our time at Westquay was brilliant!  We became more confident that we had a product that not only WE LOVE and feel passionate about, but one that there is a huge and dedicated following for.  Dumplings lovers are the best!

For more info about us head over to our website www.dumplingdumpling.com 

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Now we are back on the Isle of Wight and with the Summer offering massive potential with festivals and events, we need equipment and tools to be able to say 'yes' to the events that we've been invited to, and the events we need to get the exposure and experience we are ready for.

We have the following events lined up this Summer (2017):

And we've been invited to do more!  But without your help we're just not able to!   So we really need your help!  

What are we Crowfunding for?

£2000 - Commercial Gas Fryers so we can cook up as many dumplings as necessary!  Without relying on power consumption.

£1500 - Pitch fee advances to ensure our place is secured at all the events you're going to be at this Summer!

£435 - We will be employing part-time dumplings makers, we want to make sure all our dumplings are made with love and care, and want to pay our dumpling makers for their time and effort.  If you want to be a dumpling maker, please get in touch!  (27.05.2017 UPD

£300 - Ingredients and supplies for making all your delicious dumplings..

£300 - Gazebo to keep all our stock safe during events.

£300 - Some attractive bits of advertising to help us stand out at events.  Dumpling Dan really wants a large feathered festival flag!  Let's get him what he wants ;)

£275 - Kangabox Heat and Cool Storage Boxes to safely keep dumplings and lots of lovely fresh salads for you to consume during our summer events!

Some great rewards too!

For all those living in the UK or visiting the UK in October:-

£10 pledger: You will get a massive thank you and a special Dumpling Dumpling recipe postcard in a PDF.

£20 - £200 pledger:  You will get a massive thank you, a special Dumpling Dumpling recipe postcard in PDF and invite(s) to...

£400 pledger - We will cater for a private party or coordinate a dumpling making party for you and your friends for up to 10 people. 

£600 pledger - We will cater for a private party that you are hosting for up to 20 people.  (Date to be discussed)

£1000 pledger - We will cater for a private party that you are hosting for up to 50 people. (Date to be discussed)

 Corporate/Businesses:  Please get in touch for a tailored corporate sponsorship package that we can offer you.

For all those living outside the UK:-

£10 pledger: You will get a massive thank you and a special Dumpling Dumpling recipe postcard in a PDF.

£50 pledger:  You will get a massive thank you, a special Dumpling Dumpling recipe postcard in PDF and a limited edition Dumpling Dumpling T-shirt with one of these slogans (both available in women's and men's sizes):

 Thank you so much for taking the time to read through our project and for supporting us by pledging or by sharing, talking and spreading the dumpling love in any way you can.   If you would like to chat with us about our plans, give some advice, or just chat about dumplings and food...we'd love to hear from you :)

Love Dan and Nat

(aka Mr and Mrs Dumpling)


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