Duffy's Birthday Bathroom Fund

Duffy's Birthday Bathroom Fund

A birthday crowd funding for Duffy to contribute towards him renovating and decorating the bathroom in his lovely home in Milton Keynes.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


So here is the idea! The previous owner of Lee's house did not really look after the place. When work needed doing, they would botch jobs. The bath leaks, radiators were plumbed incorrectly, carpets were sodden with cat p**s - they hadn't even packed to move out when Lee arrived.

Lee has spent the last 3.5 years working hard and making the place gorgeous, homely and... well you all know Lee. He loves his house. It really is now beautiful.

The big thing he still wants to do however is do up his bathroom properly rather than the lick of tile paint and the new shower curtain he has managed.

For his 40th Birthday, a few of us thought that we could set up this crowdfunding to get some money together for him to at least kick-start the project. Obviously, if you wish to get him something else, that is ABSOLUTELY fine. This is here as an alternative and in a way get him one big birthday present rather than risk getting the same present or something you are unsure if he will like.

It will also avoid my inbox becoming full of "what would lee like for his birthday".

I have set the Target at £500. Obviously more would be absolutely GREAT! (I recon we can smash that target if everyone gets involved).

Alternatively - if you would like to give cash instead (and avoid the 5% cut that crowdfunding get) then you can give to myself, Jaide Birch (MK Theatre Team), Lisa Alexander, Alana McKenna or Sarah Flemming (Aylesbury Theatre Team) beforehand, or on the night to one of us.

Please feel free to ask any questions you have.

***MOST OF ALL - it would be great if we can keep this as a total surprise! Share between friends and colleagues but DO NOT show or talk about it to or around Duffy***