by Lorraine Bates at Woodsetton Art Pottery in Woodsetton, England, United Kingdom

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Woodsetton; a pottery in Dudley est. 1986 would like to build better local links. Begin your journey with clay, we have everything you need

by Lorraine Bates at Woodsetton Art Pottery in Woodsetton, England, United Kingdom


£5 Clay Kit

1604952693_1834ac4c-f869-4e60-a7ba-7c6b4e9b4423.jpeg1604952061_f33c0985-224e-4580-b0ac-752f6033c5e1.jpeg1604419543_d246d136-968f-4680-b852-af70c6ba2446.jpegGallery  Woodsetton.com

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Visit the website above for details of the courses listed in the rewards


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This is us...

I never wanted anything else than to work with clay and over 25 years I have also taught hundreds of people to throw at the wheel including very many of all ages and with physical and mental health differences.
If cave painting is the most ancient art, then this is the oldest craft. The history of human kind is discovered and classified by archeologists in the broken pieces of the potters art. It is the ultimate in absorbing and rewarding endeavours and it has been my privilege to teach many students who have gone on to take further qualifications or start businesses of their own.
I come from a family of designer makers spanning three generations and we understand the changes you have to make to sustain a successful business over 30 years, having been independent of outside or any government funding for all that time, including during this pandemic. A pot purchase will be a delight or clay, kit or voucher for a future clay workshop will help a local company; who in turn will be passionate about helping you begin your journey in clay. We have also run a ”not for profit” Pottery Cooperative for the last 15 years in Wolverhampton which enables us to facilitate people to work with clay at a weekly affordable club which acts as a support group as well as the learning of a skill.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£35 or more

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£35 Reward

Pottery Throwing Taster Experience. An hours expert tuition at your own potters wheel, with and extra time to finish your favourite pot for drying and firing and glazing by the potter for collection at a later date. Available as a voucher for arranging a date and time of your choice after Covid restrictions are lifted. 6 wheels spaced at 2m, bubbles/family groups can be accommodated. See www.Woodsettonartpottery.com for extra detail

£5 or more

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£5 Reward Clay kit (click and collect only)

BEGIN YOUR JOURNEY IN CLAY. Approx. 400 grams of real potters clay & printed instructions to make your first pot & have a go at bonfire firing in your own garden. Supply your email & the potter will send further emailed guidance to make other projects of your choice. Optionally; return pieces to the studio in Woodsetton & have them fired making them wash proof for small extra charge of half a penny per gram by pot weight. CLICK AND COLLECT ONL

£12 or more

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£12 Reward

Porcelain vase painting kit. Includes 3 special colours glaze and firing and instructions to make the piece dishwasher/microwave/oven proof. NB. You’ll need to return your personalised painted piece to my studio for firing but Includes initial postage of kit to UK address.

£15 or more

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£15 Reward

Robot Money Box Painting Kit. Everything you need to produce a hand made porcelain money box, special porcelain paints in three intermixable colours, appropriate shiny porcelain glaze. To take advantage of this reward you will need to be able to return your personalised painted porcelain vase to our studio in Woodsetton DY31AA for firing. See @woodsettonpots on Instagram for a photo of the kit. Includes postage to UK.

£20 or more

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£20 Reward

A Woodsetton Art Pottery wheel thrown stoneware mug glazed in a reactive stoneware glaze colour of your choice; Reactive Blue, Reactive Green, Crystal White or Tenmoku Black. Please see our website or cover photo for examples. Www.woodsetton.com. Includes postage to UK address. Dishwasher/Microwave and Oven proof.

£20 or more

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£20 Reward

Hand Made Pewter and Porcelain Spoon. Hand wrought English pewter spoon with porcelain bead. Originally designed and made to be sold by The Victoria and Albert Museum alongside their major exhibition of Art Nouveau. Includes postage to UK address. A beautiful useful piece. See woodsetton.com for illustration. UK postage included.

£20 or more

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£20 Reward

Rouleaux Triangle Pewter and Porcelain Tea Caddy Spoon. Hand made pewter spoon with porcelain glazed cabochon. A beautiful and useful piece. Originally designed and made for Keswick Museum and Art Gallery to sell alongside their collection of Keswick School of Industrial Arts of the turn of the last century. See Woodsetton.com for photo. Includes postage to UK address.

£20 or more

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£20 reward

“Aestel” Pewter and Porcelain Screen Stylus. Handmade with conductive rubber tip for use with your phone or tablet. Aestel was an Anglo Saxon word thought to denote a page Turner or pointer used with precious books; as in The Alfred Jewel. A useful gents gift. Originally designed and made to complement work being done for Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery in response to their exhibition of the Staffordshire Hoard. Includes postage to UK address.

£28 or more

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£28 Reward

Heather glaze collection of pieces hand made from pewter with reactive mineral glazed porcelain cabochons. Each original piece is boxed and £28 including UK postage. Choose from: Tea Caddy Spoon. Keswick Tea Spoon Rectangular lined box Round Brooch Triangular Brooch

£30 or more

£30 Reward

A 5kg bag of potters clay, set of 8 pottery tools, along with emailed instructions on projects for beginners or at level of your choice. We will fire up to 5 creations in our kiln and glaze them in a colour of your choice & they become dishwasher/oven/microwave proof. Plenty of advice & instructions during lockdown from our experts. Postage included in first instance but you’ll need to return your items for firing. Start your clay journey here...

£30 or more

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£30 Reward

Porcelain and Pewter Bud Vase. Based on a periwinkle design and originally designed and made for The Victoria and Albert Museum to be sold alongside their major exhibition of Art Nouveau. Blue/purple/green glaze. Approximately 15cm tall

£40 or more

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£40 Reward

Wheel thrown stoneware noodle bowl complete with stainless steel chopsticks. Each bowl is made with local clay and glazed with local minerals. “Sprig” and impressed with Dudley Silurian fossils including the famous “Dudley Bug” Trilobite or “Gornal Fish” Hemicyclaspis murchisoni, or Ammonite.

£95 or more

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£95 Reward

A days throwing workshop at your exclusive wheel and workspace (Covid spaced and safe) in my Victorian garden workshop in Woodsetton. With expert tuition from Lorraine you’ll throw simple shapes in the ready for finishing and decorating in the afternoon. Your favourite five pots will be fired, glazed & refired ready for you to collect after your workshop. Visit our Woodsettonartpottery.com for full details of your relaxing and productive day

£225 or more

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£225 Reward

Wheel Thrown Silurian Bowl With Planished Pewter Foot. I love making and adorning these useable bowls with ghost impressions made using local Silurian fossils from Wrens Nest, near Dudley, which I can see from my studio window. The clays and minerals used in the crystalline glaze I make are also from the Midlands. A pot rooted where it was made.

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