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Give a voice to the Dudley community & ultimately attract investment to the area.

by BASIL DLOMO in Dudley, England, United Kingdom

Dudley tv


About The Channel

Dudley Channel is an innovative online Channel designed to provide information, entertainment and economy investment opportunity stories, in a weekly programming that is factual, credible and accurate about the Borough. It is based on "Advertising Video On Demand" (AVOD) about everything one

needs to know about towns in Dudley and the content is free for everyone to watch online. The long term goal of this young channel is to represent the credible voice of the entire Black Country region, with all four councils being at the nucleus of it. The Channel is also designed to improve the Borough of Dudley'scompetitiveness in the West Midlands and to promote local businesses that are shaping the economy of the region. The Channel is a detailed presentation of policy, dialogue, investment, assets, economy, growth and a positive story of Dudley.


We need your help to raise £22,280 in order to build an online VOD channel with content that can reach over 1.5 million people in and outside of the Black Country Region. All our content will be made by young filmmakers between the age of 18 and 45. We want the stories to be underpinned by a powerful videos on demand that can go viral with some great looking graphics and slick presentation.


Benefits that this Channel Bring to the People of Dudley:

1. This will create that so much needed dialogue in between the Council and the Community. All members of Dudley community will have access to this platform, a "Chip in and have your Say" privilege. 


2. The Channel will be the voice of the locals who haven't been able to make their voices heard in the past. A platform for them to lobby their interests to government officials and to other members of their community


3. The channel will also be a conducive platform for local businesses, to help draw in markets into the Borough of Dudley, this intern boosts the economy and improves job creation.


4. The Stories will be short and direct in HD videos, this makes the content interesting and shareable. The public will find out about local events, what's on and other general developments.


5. The Channel also talks to government officials so that they can communicate their service delivery to the local and global audience to see what is being done, what it was decades ago and how it is being reshaped for what tomorrow holds.


6. So when people invest in Dudley Channel, they are investing in a story that consolidates diverse messages and positioning of Dudley, into one coherent message by the real voices of the real people of Dudley.


How will we spend the money we raise?

The money will be spent on everything we need to produce the initial content for the channel and to distribute to Black Country Communities (West Midlands) and millions of people across the country – From interviewing the Mayors to talking to the youth, from producing 2 to 5 minute videos daily for weekly programming and episodes. All content will be hosted on our online channel site and shared through social media channels.


When will the production take place?

Once we succeed in reaching 25% of our target budget with our crowdfunding campaign, thanks to your help we will be ready to get started with the production and we aim to have completed basic studio work by 30th August, so that we can then start producing weekly episodes. The basic production for a build up will start running when we have all we need to get started and then 50% of the budget will cover the running costs for first 3 months of the project, that is 12 episodes all together. Thereafter the channel will be able to sustain itself. 


What do we need and why?

We are asking for your help to produce for our online channel videos on demand and graphics targeting Dudley community of all age, all gender, all sectors, all religion, all race and all political background to have their say about Dudley and also to promote their activities. This production and delivery of the programmes will be lead by young filmmakers, producers, artists and campaigners who will work with youth media platforms and their peers to promote the channel "Dudley TV". Already active, young creative filmmaker has designed and detailed the brief for this project and ready to commission the production activities once funding has been secured.