dısable holidays for kids

by LOVE TO HELP in Antalya, , Türkiye

dısable holidays for kids


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by LOVE TO HELP in Antalya, , Türkiye

The holidays are a wonderful time for some kids. Bright lights, holiday music, parades, parties, and visits with Santa can all be the stuff of happy childhood memories.

Events that feature loud noise, big crowds, and bright lights can be overwhelming for children with special needs and their parents.

Even more difficult can be others' judgments of a child who just doesn't behave in expected ways. The rolled eyes when a child can't respond instantly to a question "what do you want Santa to bring you?" The whispers when a child melts down, especially when they are "old enough to behave."

It can be tempting to disappear into your own home with your special needs child and shut the world out. Depending on your child and your situation, you may need that sometimes—but know that you don't have to.

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