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Project aim

Digital Starlets is a digital agency for young people around the globe. Our mission is to give students and graduates a level playing field in recruitment, by helping them gain valuable commercial experience and providing opportunities to work on live commercial projects for our clients.

As you probably know, it is becoming increasingly difficult for current University students and recent graduates to find their first job without any prior commercial experience; it is sometimes even more challenging to gain any commercial experience without having a job in the first place.

The response: Digital Starlets

We recognise the challenges faced by the young people who have the theoretical knowledge and the professional qualities, but little or no practical experience in their relevant fields; this was the problem 10 years ago, and this still is the problem now.

Our company will be providing that invaluable support and employment for the young professionals who will be able to launch their careers with us. We also offer flexible working hours and locations (including working remotely for up to five days per week).

We will be able to offer full- and part-time, temporary and permanent positions in Web Design, User Experience and other web and IT related fields as well as roles in marketing, sales and public relations. This means, that the business and sales processes will be driven BY the young people FOR the young people!

For those who have an editor's streak in them, we have a blog where you can post your opinions on the hot topics in our fields.

Digital Starlets is a digital agency for young people around the globe. Our mission is to give students and graduates a level playing field in recruitment, by helping them gain valuable commercial experience and providing opportunities to work on live commercial projects for our clients.

Digital Starlets will be youthful, aspiring, empowering and disruptive. It will require a new understanding from the education sector that it has a role in ‘setting up’ young people after their education, by collaborating with prospective employers so that the companies will be able to make a more informed judgment about the person. Our aim is to be the first point of contact for young people looking for work in Digital, Creative, Marketing and Sales industries.

The Journey

This is what the candidate's journey with us will look like:

This Crowdfunding request

We are raising funds to establish our online presence, cover the legal fees and provide the necessary software and equipment for our team. It will allow young people to build a career history of working on actual commercial projects, rather than simply having a portfolio of their coursework items to show to their future employers. We will encourage young people to be involved in all aspects and activities of a digital agency, not just what their area of expertise is, which will further enhance their skillset and improve their employability.

Is it really needed?

There is a significant challenge with youth unemployment in Europe and UK as well as throughout the rest of the world. There are numerous challenges for young people in the early years of their careers, and there is a gap in the employers that are willing to take on “unproven” talent. Young people avoid LinkedIn, the largest career networking site, with only 17% of under 25s in the US having a profile, citing that a lack of employment history and live products would look weak on their profile.

“LinkedIn is not forgiving. This issue goes so deep I wouldn’t even know where to start.” Lydia M.

“Starting out on LinkedIn with a blank slate can be quite daunting.” David Johnson

Digital Starlets specifically intends to help young people to become more employable, and motivate them to see themselves as professionals as soon as they graduate, or even during their studies.

Evidence of the employability challenge is that:

  • A third of working graduates took jobs as cleaners, office juniors and road sweepers six months after leaving university. (Higher Education Statistics Agency via Telegraph, 2015)
  • 11% of computer science graduates were unemployed during the first six months of leaving universities. (HESA via Telegraph, 2015)
  • 31% of young graduates are in medium- and low-skill jobs. The median salary for young graduates is £24,000, which leads to declining or renegotiating job offers. (BBC, 2016)
  • Over 60,000 students were in "non-professional" roles, working in areas such as administration and secretarial, skilled trades, service and caring industries and sales and customer service. (HESA via Telegraph, 2015)
  • Almost 16,730 graduates were out of work six months after leaving university. (HESA via Telegraph, 2015)

Graduates Employment

Why me?

I have a long history of working with HR managers, hiring personnel, and decision makers, as well as web design, user experience and marketing. I have identified there is a gap, a problem, and a solution that will help young people become more employable, and see the opportunities that could be open to them. I have worked at a high level within UK technology organisations, but still require this initial funding boost to set the venture in motion. We have a full business plan for the venture and just need to get the ball rolling!

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