Dry January and Beyond

Help us support 100,000 people to kick the booze in January 2017. Dreaming of a world where alcohol does not harm

We did it!

On 7th Nov 2016 we successfully raised £3,505 with 62 supporters in 31 days

My name is Laura, thanks for watching  our film about Dry January.

Before I tell you the story again with much more detail, let me introduce you to the rest of the team. 

We all work for Alcohol Concern, the UK's leading alcohol charity and we proudly run Dry January. The aim of our crowdfunding campaign is to raise £4,000 in the month of October to help fund 4 activities which will make our 2017 campaign the biggest one yet.

So let's start with the simple  idea behind Dry January -  imagine what life would be like if we all just took a break from booze?


  • there would be less people at A & E
  • the police would have more time to do their jobs
  • the streets would be cleaner

and on a personal note maybe

  •  we'd notice the effect of the break and feel healthier
  • we'd fall out with one another less
  • we'd feel happier and calmer without the hangovers

Each year January gives us a glimpse of this reality. Over the last 5 years more and more people take a break from the booze. In fact a YouGov. poll told us 1 in 6 people in the UK attempt to go dry in January. That is 12 million people!

Our evaluations tell us that:

  • Around seven out of ten people taking part  had significantly reduced their drinking six months after the campaign had ended
  • Around a quarter of people who were drinking at harmful levels had moved to less risky drinking. 
  • The impact of taking part in the campaign is felt the most in the demographic group 18-34  year. 
  • 65% of the people that take part are women. 
  • The men that take part are often problem drinkers whos drinking is is dramatically reduced as a result of taking part in the campaign

We know that serious alcohol problems ruins lives. Let's take just one statistic-  93,5000 babies under 1 live with a parent who is a problem drinker. We want to get there before these problems starts, and help reach people before they develop a serious problem and we know that Dry January is plays a part in prevention. This drives our determination to make our 2017 campaign as big as possible, the more people we support the better.

Why is it so hard to say no to the booze?

People often say they like drinking, they like how it makes them feel, and they also say don't drink that much anyway. But often it's not until you take a break from drinking that you actually realise how much alcohol has crept up on you. You realise that what started out as a treat has become more like a daily habit. And that actually you're drinking at levels that could cause you a physical or mental health problem.

But it's hard in the UK to say no, when there is so much peer pressure to have  a drink That's why we love this campaign because it offers us the opportunity to take a break together. January is a safe time when we can turn a drink down and no one will give us a hard time.

Dry January wants to help as many people as possible to go dry. We offer a support email package throughout the whole month of January and a app that last for January and beyond.  All of this is designed to keep people motivated, focused and engaged in the dry community and succeed in their dry challenge.

Imagine if we could offer 10% of the 12 million people that attempt to go dry each January our support package, the impact would be so much greater. That is where we need you to help us.

Back this campaign and help us raise £4,000 to help pay for these 4 activities. We believe they will help us dramatically increase the number of people who sign up to be supported and/or offer an even more powerful support package.

£4,000 would help us to;

Drive more people to our campaign

  • Fund a huge digital launch of our app Dry January & Beyond
  • Recruit a new team member to  support our Press & PR Manager to drive our social media recruitment campaign 

Impact: The people who are support, the more lives are changed.

Offer an even more powerful support package

  • Provide an online audit tool for participants to measure their current alcohol intake and to signpost available help
  • Update the support package of emails with more useful information and advice. 

Impact: Increase the percentage of people that dramatically change their drinking habits after the campaign finishes.

Together we can support as many people as possible to have a month off the booze

  • they will have more energy
  • they will feel less tired
  • they will sleep better
  • they will have hair and skin that looks healthier
  • they will lose weight

Sounds amazing, doesn't? We are will be doing it too, join us. By experiencing all these benefits, making a change to bad habits becomes easier.

So to recap, by backing this campaign you can help us improve this already brilliant statistics.

7 out 10 people who sign up to Dry January will Alcohol Concern tell us that they've cut down on their drinking, even months after the campaign has finished.

A quarter of people who were drinking at risky levels are now drinking at safer levels.

Join us and let's walk together towards our vision of a world where alcohol does no harm.

Thank you from us all at Dry January


How can I sign up to Dry January?

There are two ways you can sign up to Dry January by downloading our app or registering our website. To download our app from Google Play for Android phones or from Itunes for Apple Iphones. To register on our website visit here.

I am seriously worried about my drinking. Who can I turn too?

We advise you to speak to your GP, and phone Drinkline, which is the government run national alcohol helpline. They offer free, confidential advice. Their number is 0300 123 1110 (weekdays 9am - 8pm / weekends 11am - 4pm)

If you are worried about the drinking habits of a friend or loved one, we advise you to follow the same advice as above.

Dry January is a campaign aimed at people who would call them social drinkers. It should not be undertaken by people with a serious alcohol dependency. 

What is the full story of Dry January?

To read the full story of Dry January, please click here (add link to Dry January page)

I would love to run Dry January in my work place. Do you have a pack explaining how I go about it?

Yes we do, it is called 'how to run Dry January in your workplace'. To order your downloadable copy, please email dryjanuary@alcoholconcern.org.uk giving your full name, business name, postal address and email. If you would like to chat to somebody about this, please call 020 3815 8920 and ask for Dry January Team.

I would love to run my own Dry January crowdfunding campaign? What are my options?

We are super excited to tell you that Crowdfunder.co.uk is the official crowdfunding partner of Dry January. Tuesday 1 November a dedicated campaign site will be launched for anyone wanting to run a crowdfunding campaign that celebrates and promotes dry living. Tell us you want to be part of this by emailing dryjanuary@alcoholconcern.org.uk and 1 of us will be in touch.

Is the vision of Alcohol Concern really possible?

What a great question! First let's reiterate our vision - a world where alcohol does not harm. A lot has to change for sure, but change is happening. If you had told us 4 years ago that Wetherspoons had invested millions to produce a non-alcoholic draft beer we would have never believed you. But they have just done it in reaction to the huge increase in demand for non alcoholic drinks by younger customer.  Read all about it here.

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