Why go dry?

Feel great and raise money for a great cause

The Dry January campaign is different to other campaigns. It is a behaviour change campaign, which gives you the opportunity to think about your relationship with alcohol. 

By taking a month off booze it gives you the chance to feel the benefits and can give you the confidence to say no to a drink in the future! 

Around 7 out of 10 people who have taken part in Dry January say they have reduced their drinking 6 months after the campaign had finished. 

Your donations and fundraising will help Alcohol Concern work with people of all ages to reduce the harm caused by alcohol.

We are delighted to be partnering with Crowdfunder, a company that is as passionate about social change as we are.

Emily Robinson, Deputy Chief Executive at Alcohol Concern
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How to crowdfund

Add your project

Add your project and tell your story. All the great reasons you're going dry and why people should pledge.

Go out the Crowd

Let all your friends, family, colleagues and anyone else you can think of know. Shout it from the rooftops. 

Feel the benefits

Not only will you be feeling great, you'll be doing great by raising money for a brilliant cause. 

Stuck for reward ideas?

Rewards give your crowd an incentive to get involved in your fundraise, you can list a range of rewards at different values to spark people's interests. Here are some examples on the house and provided by Dry January's partners. Just copy and paste these into your rewards when adding your project:

£5 Reward

A personalised thank you card

£10 Reward

A personalised  thank you card  and downloadable e-booklet on tips to a healthier, dryer lifestyle

£15 Reward

A personalised thank you card  and downloadable e-booklet on tips to a healthier, dryer lifestyle and  a voucher for Cyber Liver Premium App

Cost effective
£20 Reward

All of the above plus a personalised reward you want to offer your backers

Tools to help you get started

Working with

Alcohol Concern

The money raised can help Alcohol Concern, the national charity dedicated to tackling the harm caused by alcohol, provide awareness around the issues, get young people involved in conversations around alcohol for the first time, and help to protect families.