Drumsticks - Short Film

by Mika Colombick in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

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A classic underdog story that smashes together emotion and intensity, to tell a story of loss and acceptance...

by Mika Colombick in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

Welcome! Thanks for clicking on our crowdfunding page for our graduation short film ‘Drumsticks.’ Please click on the video above to see our Writer/Director, Nathan Allan, and our Producer, Mika Colombick talk a little bit about the film and why you should donate.


Drumming is the very thing that has torn a family apart – but also the glue that holds them together. Our film takes place at a talent show, where an intense drum battle ensues between our main character Sam and an egotistical Kyle. Flashbacks serve as the emotional ammunition, following the story of a Young Sam and her father and the struggles they have, all leading up to the climax of this film where two storylines culminate. Can the very thing that divides Father and Sam finally bring them together?

Why Drumsticks?

Drumsticks is a unique script focusing on a family who love to drum which is something never seen in film. Especially a young female driven character who plays the drums, which is extremely common in the real world however is unrepresented in the media. 

This film is being made for you reading this, if you have ever experienced… a close family bond, or a hurdle separating that bond, if you have experienced loss and grief, trying to impress a parent, and acceptance. Then this film is for you. And of course, if you are a music lover, this film is bursting with brilliant sound. 

This script flashes through the past and the present, engaging you in both storylines which builds up into a dramatic climax and ultimately has a satisfying ending. 

We want Drumsticks to be a cinematic masterpiece and we have everything in place to achieve this goal. Our whole crew is excited to see the finished product and we hope that you are too! We just need the help to get there. So, anything you can give to support our production will be massively appreciated, a few pounds can help out a lot.

But where will your money be going?

Drumsticks, as we’ve said, is a unique film with a specific talent, we want to cast the best actors and drummers we can find, which are dotted about all over the UK, we want to be able to bring them to Leeds for our film.

We will be securing fantastic locations which look visually stunning on camera to create the world of drumsticks. Additionally, being able to travel to these locations that unfortunately, won’t be 5 minutes down the road.

Our Production Design team will be designing ambitious sets to create the personal feel for Drumsticks by our Production Designer, as well as getting the perfect costumes that represent each character. 

We will be renting out equipment that will help further create the cinematic experience for our audience.

 Additionally, we need to cater for our cast and crew during shoot days, to keep us content and happy so we can create the best thing we can on screen.

Our Vision

Messages from the...

Director - Nathan Allan

My goal when writing/directing Drumsticks was/is to smash together emotion and intensity, to bring an action packed 12 minute classic underdog story, that is engaging throughout. A film that makes audiences cry one moment and throw their fists in the air the next...

 For a film to be high quality, I believe the director should begin editing before writing the script - and finish writing in the edit. This means driving the production from all areas, and bringing every department together cohesively - every minute of everyday throughout the process, so the crew are assured the project is worthwhile. Hopefully the sizzle reel (trailer) I have put together, will assure you - the audience - that this project is worthwhile...



Producer - Mika Colombick

Drumsticks is an amazing story and myself and the production team are doing all we can to bring the script into an exciting production, such as looking for the perfect locations, casting and lots lots more. I am happy with the crew we have on board and know this project will be successful and go a long, long way....

Our Head of Departments have been working extremely hard, here is a glimpse of their vision for the film:

Production Design - Freya Wood

Through working closely with the cinematography department, looking at the sets, costumes and lighting we will be able to design a well thought out aesthetic and overall look for ‘Drumsticks”. The characters costumes will each reflect their own unique personality through colours and style. As a characters personality changes or we see that they ‘grow’ as a person their costume will also change with them. Our main aim with our set designs is to create some great visual sets that can fully immerse you, the audience, into the world and the story that Nathan has made. The sets in themselves will also be able to tell you a story and help tell it however subtle that may be.

Sound - Wesley Tatterton

Wesley always enjoys a challenge when it comes to the films he works on and working as the sound designer and recordist on a film about drumming is sure to meet that desire. Every punch against drumskin, every drop of blood, every crash of the cymbal should be felt, not just through the visuals, but through the sound design. While the bombastic drumming sequences will make you feel the intensity the characters are going through, the sound for the more intimate and emotional scenes will also calm and allow you to understand the inner turmoil that each character is going through. Having covered the sound department from many different genres going between horror to personal dramas covering a wide variety of tones, Wesley is more than excited to bring you the heart-pumping action and the personal intimacy of Drumsticks.

Cinematography - Andrea Paternuosto

Drumsticks is shaping up to be a really interesting challenge under the Cinematography point of view. The contrast between present, past, and flashbacks will drive the entire Cine crew over new horizons, allowing the aesthetic side of the film to a specific original structure. A key part of this project is to deliver a consistent relationship with the Production Design department, in order to produce some compelling frames, full of vitality and atmosphere. Night scenes, driving car shots, and rain simulation harmonized with some breath-taking lighting, will pull off astonishing visuals. As a Cinematographer, Andrea is really keen on bringing the Drumstick look to the highest level, looking forward to achieving the best possible picture.

Editing - Chris Ogle

Drumsticks lives and dies on its blend of cinema and heart. As an editor, this relationship is key to Chris. The film, much like a drum kit, exists as a combination of highs and lows, whether it be hi-hat and snare, or the grief of daughter and father. The complex ebbs and flows that tie these together is the incentive for an editor: its mesh of raw emotions and how they can tie together cinematically. Drumsticks is an opportunity to flex his creative muscles fully.



Drumsticks is a very special project for us and we hope we have brought that across. We want to thank everyone for their support in advance. If you can’t spare any money, we understand! Please share this around to your family and friends. Again, thank you. 


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