Cancer Centre Demolition - new building needed

To fund a new Drop In Cancer Support Centre and save our lifeline services that support the mental wellbeing of patients in their community

We did it!

On 6th Jul 2017 we successfully raised £1,721 with 26 supporters in 56 days

Can you help save a free lifeline service provided to our Cancer patients in the heart of the community? Our Drop In cancer support centre is about to be demolished due to land regeneration by the local authorities.

Our centre currently services and supports mental wellbeing of adults and children affected by any type of Cancer and their family and friends whom wont have a service if we do not raise funds for another building.  In December 2017 the local authority want us to vacate our  'home from home' building that supports so many families due to land regeneration. I attach a video of the building but also heres a little overview of our personal charity that really needs support.............................

HelpHarryHelpOthers is a small cancer charity started by my son Harry Moseley prior to passing to Cancer in 2011 age just 11 years old. Following his passing i continued with his charity as I felt through our own journey there was not enough support for families in the community and for all areas outside of treatment. With the legacy Harry left i knew we could make change and wanted to address these issues. 

With that in mind one of our Objectives is 'HelpCARE'. This is our Drop in Cancer support centre which offers a home from home environment and patients and their family and friends can literally drop in without an appointment. Its all about supporting their mental wellbeing and helping them address any issues outside of treatment that are often issues directly as a result of a cancer diagnosis. 

Onsite we offer :

  • emotional support 
  • counselling
  • finance and debt advice
  • benefits advice
  • housing advice
  • bra and wig fitting service 
  • support groups
  • information days
  • health and wellbeing groups
  • Careers advice and self esteem /confidence building
  • arts and craft groups
  • social activities

We are a tiny charity and the centre has only been open for under 2 years. we currently support over 300 families and since January have had a footfall of over 900 people. we are self funded through our own activities and supporters support and dont currently receive any funding. 

The centre has a huge impact on the mental wellbeing of patients and their friends and families, an area that is very overlooked and not supported. we help them cope and the centre is a lifeline to many of our clients.

We need to raise enough money to secure a building and ensure we can make it a home from home environment. From December 2017 we wont have a building and we desparately need to come up with an alternative solution which offers security for the long term. Ideally we would like to obtain and purchase a building to ensure the longevity of the service we provide. Renting at commercial rates is not an option due to income and also the fact that its a waste of public money. Could you help us achieve our goal and support the cancer community for generations to come?

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