Drop-Off-24 hour, on-demand, eco friendly delivery

by Jamal Nasri in London, England, United Kingdom

Drop-Off-24 hour, on-demand, eco friendly delivery


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We are creating a 24 hour, on demand, within the hour delivery service for the retail industry and are 100% eco-friendly!

by Jamal Nasri in London, England, United Kingdom

Imagine a world where you can get the retail products you want, when you want...

Our vision is to deliver a platform for large businesses and SMEs where companies can market their products through the Drop-Off app. Customers will be able to order their favourite products (and even have them gift wrapped), and have them delivered within the hour, 24 hours a day. Our platform goes further as all of our products are delivered (and where necessary, returned) by bicycles, making us 100% eco-friendly. We do not use plastic packaging and all of our receipts are e-receipts. We are creating 10,000 employment opportunities nationwide, across all major cities in the UK to be able to deal with the demand of our service.

Retail: We offer a platform and service to retailers where products can be delivered on demand to customers 24 hours a day. This is a service that retailers cannot currently offer.

Customers: Customers are able to order the products they love, when they need it, 24 hours a day and receive products within 1 hour of ordering. Customers also have the ability to instruct us to return the items that they do not want or that are not suitable. All 100% eco-friendly. Customers can track their orders through the app so they know where their cyclist is.

Environment: we are 100% eco-friendly. All deliveries are done by bicycles. All receipts are e-receipts. All packaging is recycled paper. We do not use plastic. Our staff uniforms are sustainably sourced and recycled.

The City: With mayor Sadiq Khan's plan to make London a 24 hour city, we are in line with allowing retailers the ability to reach customers 24 hours a day. We are offering employment opportunities across all major cities in the UK. We have strategically located warehouses across major cities that operate 24-hours a day where we process orders and collections of orders immediately on customer request.

Employment: We are hiring 10,000 cyclists nationwide and already have 1500 cyclists in our fleet across London, Manchester and Bristol. 

Our Team: 

Our business development is managed by Carsten Skovgaard, the ex buying Director for Hackett, John Lewis and Harrods. His relationships with major retailers is very important for our growth and the responses so far have been amazing

Our logistics infrastructure is managed by Gareth Robinson who has been in eco-friendly logistics for the last 5 years.

Our Finance in managed by KPMG and is overlooked by our CFO. 

Our Technology is managed by GEEKs who are a London based award winning application development company.

Our vision is to #RevolutioniseRetail and have significant support from The Telegraph, Great British Business, The Big Youth Group, Mary Creagh MP, London Night Time Commission, Drapers, Retail Gazette and many others!



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