We aim to raise £25,000 for stock in the shop and help with shop rent for the first 6 months

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We are raising money for our drone business, which has two sections:

Number one: Drone shop

We wish to open a drone shop and website selling the laest drone technology but with a difference, anyone can go online and purchase a drone without any understanding of the laws in the UK when and where you can fly.

We want to offer training on the law so everyone has a understanding of when and where they can fly, along with this we also will offer training on how to operate the drone, how to calibrate and operate safely as newbies into the hobbby may not understand this and try to fly and get into a damgerous situation very quick.

We already have agreements with the UK suppliers and are able to place orders as of now, we have setup a website ready with a few products in place but until we raise the funds we can not carry stock.

The website is : www.shop.droneaerialimaging.co.uk

The average cost of a drone to the shop is £850 inc VAT and sell for £1300 inc VAT so we have a large profit margin.

When DJI releases a new product which is about 4/5 times a year they completely sell out and the most recent launch has seen pre orders for the next 4 months, so we can see how big a demand in the UK is and all stocklists have sold out

Number two: Aerial photography, video and 3D mapping service

We have already started this side of the business as of early 2016 we completed the ground school, flight assessment and have written the operations manual and had that approved by the CAA for commercial operation within the UK

We are licenced, insured and fully legal to operate in the UK and have completed many jobs during the year and our current day rate is £600 and as we purchase bigger and better equipment this will raise to £900 per day and more so we have a good profit margin on this side of the business too.

The only thing holding us back is raising money for equipment to make this a full time career and to proggress the shop.