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I am raising money as i want help the hopeless, i want to create employment for those who thought they'll never work. I want to drive change

by B.Farani in London, England, United Kingdom

As a kid i have had such a passion for cars, i have loved cars from the age of God knows what, so the day i was able to drive it was like a dream come true. I rememeber getting my first car and yeah lets say my excitement cost me. i always used to enter car show rooms and look at vehicles and i would act like i wanted to buy it just so i could sit inside (btw i couldnt afford none of the vehicles) but everytime i did i felt better, like i felt like i could do things it was a whole different experience for me. 

I couldnt tell you the amount of test drives ive booked, anybody who has purchased a new car knows the feeling. When you drive you feel so good and so great about yourself and you want to look after the car and keep it as new as possible. But for me it was deeper. Growing up where i lived the only you never ever got to experience these things the only people who drove these vehicles were either rich people passing through or DRUG dealers and thats a path i didnt want to go down.

So i wanted to own a car rental/show-room company that could not only sell/rent these vehicles, further down the line i wanted to create some type of scheme where i can provide up to a certain amount of free driving lessons for people who can not afford it, i wanted to also establish a connection with car dealers the big boys to offer some type of employment and i want to do so much more but all through cars. All through driving.

The vision i have is so big and i really would appreciate if i could get some help to get this started. it would mean so much to me.