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Tooling and creation of second accessory PHONE, in the ADDITI+ON Collection of Accessories

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BBS (Blue Badge Style) ADDITI+ON Ltd. is the company behind DRINK the inclusive glass holder and is the first in the ADDITI+ON collection of accessories – for people who have their hands full. We want to give effortless independence whether a wheelchair, buggy, scooter or deck chair user. We are developing products that are useful and beautiful using inclusive design. 


Blue Badge Style is a movement re-defining disability with style. How awful would it be to lose the use of your legs and have to tolerate driving a Model T Ford when you previously used a Mercedes? This is how it feels to be disabled but Blue Badge Style aims to change this. Founded by Fiona Jarvis in 2012 it’s a community of 70k readers, unique in that it addresses style with disability and as such is a key ‘influencer’ in the market. 


The state of disability equipment is such that it is merely functional and bears no resemblance to contemporary trends in design or fashion. We want to disrupt this and DRINK is the where we start. There are 12m disabled people in the UK and 1BN globally. There are many more that are just less able due to age or temporary disability. There is also a younger, more demanding generation of disabled people who want things to change.


DRINK was developed in response to a simple problem how to drink, network and socialise whilst wheeling a chair, independently. Most people do this by balancing coffee/wine in their laps or depend on a carer to help them. There are basic sports bottle holders or baby bottle holders available but nothing that holds glasses of different sizes. Similarly, there are no attractive wheelchair/mobility device accessories which if they existed would solve the problem of making a basic, functional piece of equipment more attractive.


 DRINK is applicable to anyone who has their hands full - wheelchair, deck chair or buggy. All ADDITI+ON products use a proprietary Smart Fixing that attaches our accessories to almost anything. This is a product in its own right and is sold separately.


The potential for the product was recognised by The Design Council Spark programme and as a winner we have received funding to produce DRINK and develop a stylish brand - something unique in the disability market. 


The addressable market has been identified as £2.2BN in the UK & US across three target customer segments of mobility device users, buggy users and garden chair users.

However, we want to create more products in the ADDITI+ON Collection and user testing unanimously called for a product to hold a phone - PHONE

This is why we need further funds - to develop an attractive phone holder to fit most mobile phones. We need resources to design, prototype and produce PHONE and maybe HOLD ( The ADDITI+ON bag). Along with DRINK we want to change people's lives now! Be part of our movement and help us produce useful accessories that are  admired and desirable, just like a designer handbag or watch. ADDITI+ON Collection is to be the Chanel of an inclusive world.


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