RENDER - Research and Development

by Max George Ferguson in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

RENDER - Research and Development


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We need to open our ears to what time can tell us. We only have a limited time to live as humans. So how can how can we live our best lives?

by Max George Ferguson in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

No Eye Deer Collective have been given an amazing opportunity by the New Diorama Theatre to run a 3 day research and development in early November.

By donating to our crowd funder you will be supporting the next generation of theatre makers and amplifying working class, neurodivergent/deaf and disabled artists. RENDER is its first phase development and centring these voices.We aim to debut on London and rural stages around the UK in 2022.

Where the money is going:

£840 on 7 actors and creatives for 3 days Research and Development 

£60 on equipment, set and props

We aim to explore a range of narratives, create material and document our findings via film and photos to help us secure further funding and secure support with venues in the future. There will be a showing for an invited audience to help further the project.

About ‘Render’…

There are endless phrases centring time. “Time is money”, “waste of time”, “time flies when your having fun”.

"Billy Pilgrim has come unstuck in time" -  this quote has stuck with me ever since I read Kurt Vonneguts: Slaughterhouse Five. The questions I found myself obsessed by were 'are we actually stuck in time?' and 'why was billy the one to be unstuck?"

Time is an entity that is omnipresent, its a constant that runs parallel to the whole of human existence. The concept has evolved and become ever more precise and minute. But what is our relationship with it? How do we define it? How do we utilise it? Is it a positive or negative force? How can it manipulate our experience? The idea of time is both vast and subtle, it holds history and yet evokes change.

The greatest minds in history and science struggle to comprehend its nature. We all have a difficult, evolving relationship to it. It is both uniquely personal but also harnessed for huge political, social and financial movements.

We want to interrogate who the western idea of time benefits and who does it marginalise? What groups of people feel it’s affect most? How are we controlled and manipulated by time? What other types of time are there in the world other than clock time that can positively affect us as human beings? Is it innately animalistic or is it artificial? How is time monetized? Do people have different present experiences because of the past? How much pressure/anxiety do we feel about the future? Why do we judge ourselves ? 

Our goal is to investigate these questions, and to make a performance that is integrally human, entertaining and effecting positive change for our mental health and wellbeing. We will be mixing bold physical languages with visceral storytelling forms as well as integrating autobiographical texts and devised narratives.  

Why now?

These questions have arisen from Max’s neurodivergent struggles and trying to fit into a world that is not built for neurodivergent people. But this world is not built for many of us. The world is going through massive shifts politically and socially. Lockdown has really forced us to retreat back into ourselves, look at our present situations and examine past systemic/personal failures and driven us to fight for what needs to change. But we need to open our ears to what time can tell us. We only have finite lives as human beings. So how can how can we live to our best? This is what we want to uncover.

The Team 

Max Ferguson is Yorkshire born, working class and neurodiverse Actor, Theatre maker and Facilitator. He’s taught and co-directed at ALRA, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and Richmondshire Youth Theatre and specialise techniques that support neurodiversity. He’s the Co-founder of No Eye Deer Collective. Recent Theatre making credits include “FELT”- Southwark Playhouse/Vaults and “ECCE HOMO”- Emily Thompson/ Wardrobe Ensemble

Marshall Nyanhete is an exceptional storyteller, Speaker and Actor. Armed with a disaporic perspective alongside a distinctly quirky writing style, Marshall’s work aims to fuse together narratives that are authentic, heartfelt and empowering.

Laura Wohlwend is a Swiss theatre maker, actor and director. She has worked alongside actors and directors from the National Theatre, Royal Court, Young Vic and others. Laura is a movement practitioner and received mentorship training from renowned movement directors such as Polly Bennett. Laura is passionate about autobiographical devising and is interested in collaborating with artists whose voices are not heard.Laura recently came back from spending 6 months working in a refugee camp as a psychosocial workshop facilitator for young refugees and asylum seekers. Laura is also a youth worker and passionate about how theatre can empower young people.

Robbie Fletcher-Hill is a classically trained actor originally from Liverpool. He trained at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, where he graduated with a first class honours degree, and two distinctions in Stage Combat.

Emma Tracey is an Actor/Writer from Glasgow. She is the voice of Elle McNicoll’s Audiobooks, championing neurodiversity, and female led stories. She is the co-founder of No Eye Deer Collective. Recent credits include About Money - 65% Theatre/Theatre 503, Anchors - Kidder Theatre/Pitlochry Theatre.

Samuel Brewer is a a severely vision impaired (registered blind) actor and theatre maker. In 2020 he co-founded the theatre comapny "FlawBored" and has since become an associate artist at both Watermill Theatre and Wildcard Theatre. His practise is heavily focused in creaive access and he has recently delivered workshops on access tools in the devisign process for "Complicité" and Guildhall's BA (hons) acting programme.

Steve Salt is an actor and theatre maker. Steve has worked with the Young Shakespeare company playing Banquo in the UK tour of Macbeth and will appear in lightbeam productions feature film ‘You are my sunshine’

Thank you for your support 

Lots of love 

No Eye Deer Collective 


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