Dreams to reality: To Japan!

Dreams to reality: To Japan!

To make my dreams come true, and get me that step closer to being able to wake up and say 'Yeah, I'm a professional artist~'

We did it!

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Project aim

To make my dreams come true, and get me that step closer to being able to wake up and say 'Yeah, I'm a professional artist~'

A little about me

Before I get into why it is I've set up this project I want to give you some back story, I want you to be able to relate to me and understand where Im coming from best as possible. I first felt a little rude doing this for myself, but there is nothing shameful about asking for help. If I'm going to make it as an Artist, some times you need a little help~

 When I was younger, I grew up with a pencil in my hand. Playing games with my two older sisters that required we draw our characters, being six years younger, my scribbles wouldn't cut it. I tried way too hard so that my characters would look as good as theirs, and it worked too! By the time I was leaving Primary school art was my only focus. I dreamed of being as great as Da Vinci in the realms of fine arts. 

Though I still enjoy (and just finished a college course in) Fine art, my view point began to focus in on something else when my Dad bought me a book on how to draw Manga Superheros for my 11th birthday. Of course, I loved it. How can you get so much expression in just the way a line of an eyebrow bends? Incredible. 

So 7 years on from that and things have changed, but the one thing that remains is my burning passion to do what I love. I want to be a Manga artist, to be able to live in Japan and publish my own book is all I can think of, I know Im going to make it happen, I just need help getting there!

What do the earnings go towards?

The money I'll recieve from you lovely donours is going straight into my trip to Japan. I just need a little help getting the flights, everything else I think I should be able to cover.

This trip to Japan some time next year after I finish college is my first stepping stone, to be able to scope out the area, find a place I;d like to study for University, potential places to live ect. Its an important trip for me to be able to start planning out how the next three+ years of my life should go.

If I can get these years to come right from the get go, I should be traveling at a pretty fast pace towards my dream. I mean, getting to Japan is easily half of it! Once all your help and support gets me there, I know that I can do it.

There is no limit to hard work, After all~

P.S// If you were wondering, That lovely Chap in the Image is my own character, Shiroshima~

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