Dreams begin

Project by ParisS
Dreams begin

The beginning of the rest of our lives through the kindness of others and hard work

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

This is simply a story of two newlyweds struggle to get out of the rental market and seeking people's kindness. We have been trapped in this vicious circle and need some help. I know you may think what makes us so unique when there are so many others like us and the truth is there is nothing unique. We both work hard and trying to save as we go a long and we will get there one day... I'm sure! But we are tired of the banks having the upper hand and want to be in the lead :) to add he sob story element my dad passed away before he got a chance to help me and help renovate a house as he did with my brother and sister. I want that chance to show him as he watches down on me that I have done it too... but still with a little help. :) I also want to continue saving and eventually pay some of what was given to us to charity to help research into aneurysms. Thank you ???? 

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