Dream to run Pub

Dream to run Pub

Franchise-based pub chain unto independant charity/non-profit community oriented public house chain.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I believe that public houses should extend their tolerance toward the community, and that the community can do much more together with the right leadership. Recognising that everybody has got something to give; be it going out to work or simply looking after the family, a place to retire to in the evening (or day) is important. If this place is community oriented and operating from a non-profit basis then the community is served (literally) and disputes are minimalised. Amongst my friends I am the (supposed) one with the brains... Haha, I value my peer group family and friends and recognise their potential to grow with me.

Focusing on working together in a public house setting we can improve our lives and that improvement can flow out into the community. Ideally from long walks I'd like to find somewhere in Derbyshire and the Peak District but may well end up in my local community of Long Eaton, a public house that is consious toward the community gaining awareness about issues that affect the community such as crime. I believe we could foster a sense of cameraderie that will have ripple effects far and wide. 

Currently preparing to study at college in Nottingham doing a Media course I also have dreams about having an impact with my book series and my general creativity. The 'Generous Gentleman' saga is my creation and over time I see it developing into the decor of our chain! Using the arts to engage the public I have a number of projects occurring but overall wish to have a base to gather stories and gain experience from the running of the pub and charity to create a place of safety, rest and relaxation for all! The £25000 will be used to take on a Marstons pub chain, including training...