Dream to improve the world

Dream to improve the world

I've a strong desire to study abroad in order to gain knowledge about nutrition and utilize the knowledge to make the world a better place.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I'm moth, I'm 23 years old and the picture on the cover is in my imgination book. I draw every one of my goals that I want to achieve on this book and see it every day. This is the picture when I see myself provides nutritional plan and advice people to have insight about nutrition.

I'm passionate on nutrition and sports since I was younger. Once I had an idea that I wanted to study abroad in order to expand knowledge in terms of nutrition, I imagine my goals everyday. Since the first day of making decision, I started learning English and I set my goal that I needed to pass the test in once because the test fee was pretty costly for me. And then I have leaned English intensively for 5 months before taking the test. And the result was I passed the test.

I have done several things since I decided to study abraod.  There is the only thing left which is the money. At that time, English was such a difficult language for me to learn. But I put myself in discipline, I listened to the BBC News since I got up until I went to bed, I summarised every news, article and the videos that I read and watched, I started writing diary and #3goodtoday in English, I spoke to foriegners everyday at least 10 minutes per day and wrote down their name on my small booklet in order to appreciate their helps. 

I have overcome several obstacles during this period of my life. I have been affording money to myself and my family throughout my life. However, someone told me that we're not on this planet alone, there are many people on the world to help us to achieve our goals. And if I have a chance to help people to achieve their goals, I always do.

My parents have been telling me to do useful things for people when I can do. And that inspires me to be a person who the world doesn't have yet. I desire to improve the world through nutrition, because there are many people from many comunities that I have observed, don't have a right understanding about being healthy, gaining weight and losing fat. They know that eating less would make them healthy and skinny. They still understand that if they want to be lean and healthy, cake and fried foodstuff are they can't eat. But they should understand that what makes people fat is they eat too much and move their body too less.

In addition to that, I also desire to be a person who can help athletes in Asia to improve their performances in order to reach their dreams. Everyone has dream, but some of those dreams needs some help from others. I have several plans to do to reach my dreams, and I know that I can't achieve every one of my dream in once, so I decided to improve from small community and gain experience until I have ability to make a greater thing to a bigger community. 

I'm now sending sponsorship letters to many companies, but none of them accepts my request yet. But I'll never give up in a million percent. I'll keep doing until my dream becomes reality. My plan after I graduate my Master Degree in 2018 if I don't get any support from any company but I have this amount of money from crowdfunder in paying tuition fee and prove the UK government that I have enough money to survive there throughout my course surely.

I'll improve people's health by working at an organization or a company that has a main role in doing useful things for a great number of people first. And then, I'll water my dream with learning every experience that I get from the work in order to improve people's lives in the following time.

You can ask me further information about the formal offer and any important documents through my email: moth_kod@hotmail.com 

I'm willing to explain my plan and my life more.

Furthermore, you can see my progress on any social such as instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

As I stopped posting on my Facebook since I started learning English last 8 months ago, I may not have any post so far. But I made the commitment with myself that I'll post again when I'm at the airport in my country, which means that I already achieve my goal in studying abroad. Since then, you will absolutely see my journey again on Facebook.

However, if you want to ask me about the progress of my project, you can send the message to my Facebook chat or tweet, or email or instagram or email. Another choice is wordpress.com, I created the blog on wordpress to write what I want to read and to tell myself in the future that how many lessons happen in my life in the previous time.

I'm a person who always pursues my dream under all circumstances, so you can count on me that I will reach my goal 100%

These are the ways to contact me (It's not a must haha, you can contact me if you want to know the progress of my project. But let you know you'll not regret in investing in me)

Facebook: Ayuyong Kodchamoth

Instagram: kodchamoth

Twitter: @iamgratitudebox

Wordpress: https://mothandherperseverance.wordpress.com/

Email: moth_kod@hotmail.com


I'm an enthusiastic person who's ready to face with any failure and obstacle. I believe in my gut, and I don't believe in impossibility. We all human have an ability to do anything we want to do. When I decided to do anything, I always put my energy into it without hesitation.

Every morning before sleeping, I get up and do mediation and imagine my goals. I see myself provide nutritional plan to athletes and a great number of people. I see my parents so proud of me.

Sometimes I have a thought that I may not be able to achieve my goal without money, but I may forget the point that many successful people who successfully achieved their goals used to live their lives without much money as well. Therefore, there is no reason that I will give up on my dream. What I should give up is thinking of those negative thoughts, because they can't make my dream comes  true.

I'm grateful that I was born to be a human, at least, human has the most power to change the world.