Dream Racer

Dream Racer

Car SOS Project - to turn my once daily-used runabout into my dream racing car (for non-professional use only).

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

When I took the difficult decision to put my long-lusted-after car into storage 6 years ago, it was with the full intention of resurrecting it as a blood-thirsty, Ferrari-beating, track monster. However, due to personal circumstances, and time and money constraints, this dream has yet to be realised. The car is race-bred and well worthy of it's planned future, but it needs work to get there.

My ultimate aim is to lap the Nurburgring in less than 7:54 (ideally much less), putting the car in the top 100 hall of fame. I have absolutely no intention of racing comptitively, or driving the car on the UK's terrible quality roads. I wouldn't mind touring some of Europe's iconic racing circuits with it though... Spa, Monza, Silverstone, & Barcelona, to name but a few.

My love of racing comes from my early childhood, growing up watching the awesome Ayrton Senna and Micheal Schumacher. What they could do behind the wheel of a car can only be described as god-like. I have also been inspired, since 2001, by Paul Walker and the F&F crew, with their high-power machines and love of fast cars.

My project car is a Vauxhall Calibra Turbo 4x4 (as pictured). At the time of storage it had no major faults. The work required to realise the dream is both structural and engine related. It needs an FIA-approved roll-cage, seats, harnesses and fuel tank. The engine needs to be up-rated significantly in the power stakes, but this can be done using the existing engine block and transmission. The brakes and suspension will need over-hauling, and the car also needs to lose as much weight as possible. All of this work will only be possible, I feel, with the financial backing of complete strangers... People who have an interest in cars perhaps, or racing, or the good old Calibra :)

Some of the work would be completed by me, with my modest mechanical skills, but I would need to employ professionals for the more important / complex tasks. The amount I am seeking has been calculated based on the price of parts and labour that I would need to realistically turn this project into reality. With sufficient funds the turn-around time on this project could be as little as 12 months.