Dream of becoming a nurse....

Dream of becoming a nurse....

Help fund me through university to become a nurse as I still have 4 children and a home to pay for while doing my degree.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I'm asking for some help to enable me to go to university to do my nursing degree that I've always wanted to do. I had children early and now at the age of 28 I'm married with 4 children aged 9,6 and 2 year old twins. Life hasn't been easy on us money wise as it isn't for most nowadays. My husband works full time and I work part time and we aren't left with much for anything luxury at the end of each month.  We private rent our home and always have as we've never been in a position to buy a home so we pay out most of our earnings in high rent. In order for us to better our lives for our children I have been going to college to re sit my GCSE Maths and English as I need these for university and am due to sit the exams in a couple of weeks. 

Nursing is my absolute dream and will also make a massive difference to my family once I'm qualified. The trouble we have is affording university as I won't be able to fit in working at the same time as studying, which will be a massive strain trying to scrape money together to pay the bills. We don't have family that help or help with childcare so that would become another outgoing for us and give us another worry. 

Please make my dream become a reality and anything you can spare would be greatly appreciated :)