Dream Garden for PND support

Dream Garden for PND support

Post natal depression is an awful debilitating mental illness.Please help me to say thank you for the support that I received,

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

After I had my first child, I suffered from severe delayed post natal depression. The severeness of my condition was enhanced by several stressful events in my life at the time; my then employer being very unfair about my maternity leave and conditions, which eventually ended in an industrial tribunal, moving house due to concerns over a neighbour with alcohol problems and being diagnosed with a penial brain cyst which affected my memory, speech and gave me awful headaches that lasted for days on end. 

During this period, my husband was my rock. Looking back now I wonder how he didn't leave me as I wasn't a very nice person and had many demons, due to the horrible illness of PND. He looked after our little girl when all I wanted to do was cry, cooked, cleaned and encouraged me to eventually seek the help that I needed to overcome the illness. 

When we moved into our new house in March, everything seemed to go wrong one by one; first the integrated oven stopped working, then the integrated dishwasher. Soon after that the radiator in the hall sprung a leak, not just meaning that we had to replace the radiator, but also that the original parque flooring was ruined. Tiles blew off the roof, lights started to fuse, you name it, it happened. Last but not least over the space of 48 hours, damp suddenly appeared over 2 whole upstairs walls in the house. As I'm sure anyone can imagine, this really made my mental health deteriorate and put my PND recovery back tremendously, not to mention our dwindling to nothing savings. Our garden, therefore, was very neglected and not somewhere that you would want to spend any time, which is an awful shame, as my husband is a garden entheuisast, loves to build things and means that we have nowhere to enjoy the time with our little girl in the summer as it isn't very child friendly at all! 

Now that I feel that I can finally see the light at the end of the PND tunnel (I can't quite reach it yet, but it's there!), I would love to say thank you to my husband for his support through this horrible illness by giving him a garden makeover, with his own workshop, area to let his green fingers work their magic, an area for my little girl to play safely, and an area with a bench, lovely smelling plants and an insect house that I can sit quietly when I need a little thinking time.