Dream Alone & Realise Together

by Dina Varela in Epsom, England, United Kingdom

Dream Alone & Realise Together


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I want to make movies about real situations in the world using my own story to inspire and encourage people to find their own voice.

by Dina Varela in Epsom, England, United Kingdom


I'm Dina...

...a young woman who had to learn how to survive since the age of 5 in the middle of a power and suicide environment where you should feel safe and be preparing for life, having the opportunity to be presented with good feelings. Instead, I was presented with a chain of dirty and poisonous blood.

I didn't have a childhood like every kid deserves and things got worse when I became a teenager. I had to discover what it is like living with the fear of being killed and having the self-discipline to be able to live in a community and how to live free of toxic people. 

Fortunately I had the opportunity to see the world with my own eyes.

I'm grateful for everything that happened to me because now I want to use my story to inspire People around the World to fight for a better life. I want to show people that they can be whoever and wherever they want if they believe in themselves and their battles.

My mission is to help people live in a world where they don't fear their differences. I want to encourage People to use their Own Voice. I believe that everyone can change the world but this requires themselves. I've seen a lot of people suffering like I did and losing their sense of self. I want to help them, showing them that we are all one and that everybody matters.

I want to share my story using my creativity. I'm a writer and I have passion for making movies. I want to make movies about real situations and tell people how it really is. I don't want to hide anything due to fear of what people are going to say. I know that my stories will be revealing and shocking, but I hope that these stories will help those in need.

In order to create these short films, I need equipment. 

I hope that by reading my profile you will feel compelled to get behind this project so I can share my stories with you and the rest of the world.

Thank you.


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