York Dramasoc @ the Edinburgh Fringe

York Dramasoc @ the Edinburgh Fringe

Dramasoc are hitting the Edinburgh Fringe again this year, but we need your help! We're raising funds for our publicity and marketing.

We did it!

On 12th Jul 2017 we successfully raised £1,074 of £750 target with 46 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

This stretch target is our press and publicity budget plus our production budgets for both shows - £240 for Two and £100 for An Unexpected Electric Nativity. Any extra funding raised will go towards ensuring that the plays are as brilliant as they can be!

After last year's successful shows, we at York Dramasoc are so excited to be taking two plays up to the Fringe this year. Alternating every day, these shows give some super talented students the unique opportunity to take work to one of the biggest and most prolific arts festivals in the world. But to do so, we need your help! We are crowdfunding for our marketing budget, which is key to get audiences through the door once we're up in Edinburgh.

Tell me more about the shows!

The two shows we will be taking up will play on alternate days at C Royale. We are taking up a new writing piece, An Unexpected Electric Nativity, which sees two robots accidentally come to life, and Jim Cartwright's seminal 80s play Two. Both plays recieved successful performances in York this year and are being reworked and revamped for the Fringe.

Where will the money go?

The money we crowdfund will go towards marketing and publicity. Here is an exact breakdown to show where your money will go:

  • £500 for 18800 flyers and 330 posters. Flyering is crucial at the Fringe! We will be flyering on the Mile every day, as well as putting flyers and posters up around the town. Flyers and posters are keyto get our name and image out there.
  • £50 for trailers and online materials. Trailers are a fab and interesting way to promote our shows, and having budget behind that will ensure that we can make interesting online materials that promote our shows to their full potential.
  • £50 for online advertising. We will be advertising on Facebook during the first week of the Fringe in order to reach online demographics. £50 will buy us a week of boosted sponsored posts to our key demographics. We cannot forget how important it is to reach people online who would perhaps not have heard of us otherwise.
  • £50 for printing and preview marketing. We are doing a preview at Matthew's Yard on the 23rd of July! To ensure we will get an audience for this important date we'll need to print out specific posters. We will also be using some of the budget to print off quotes and star ratings that we recieve from reviewers to put on our posters and flyers during the Fringe.
  • £25 for programmes. We will be making programmes in order to promote Dramasoc on a wider scale, and to advertise the shows on alternating days. If you donate £10 or more, your name will also appear in the thank-yous in our programme!
  • £25 towards rewards. We will be using some of the money from this crowdfunder to give back to our donors - this will go towards postage, printing, etc. of our rewards.

Any extra money raised will go towards our production budgets.

What's in it for me?

We wouldn't expect you to give us money for nothing, so we have a bunch of lovely rewards up for grabs! These include free tickets, signed posters, entry into a prize-bundle, and even the pub sign from Two! We really appreciate you taking the time to consider donating to us, and want to give you something in return.

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