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by Charlotte Boyle in London, England, United Kingdom

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To have support with paying my tuition fees. I do not have the funds myself, but will try in every way to raise them!

by Charlotte Boyle in London, England, United Kingdom

I have been pursuing my career as an actress, and along the way have discovered I am a theatre maker too. I am currently part of the Lab Company - a scheme through the Theatre Royal Plymouth and am making a show for July. I am seeking the generosity of others to help me continue my journey as an artist.

I have always wanted to train. I believe that training gives you the chance to develop your craft, and push your potential, which I think I have a lot of. I have already trained on the RADA Foundation in Acting course. After auditioning this year, I have gratefully received an offer from Fourth Monkey Actor Training Rep Company. This to me was a golden ticket - as the training covers both my needs to develop myself as an actor, but also focus' on ensemble and making theatre. Now, here's the tricky bit - which is why I'm here...

The course fees in total are £22000. 

I do not expect to raise this purely from crowdfunding of course, but anything I can raise from this platform is appreciated like you would not believe. I will be selling my car, setting up some fundraisers - doing some car boots (mum's pleased about that one), and more, to try and raise money so I can fund my dream.

I cannot get student finance, nor advanced learner loan for this course. I've applied to be considered for a scholarship - if accepted it pays for half of the second year, which would be incredible - but there is still quite a lot left to pay off. At this point in my life, it is money I do not have. I am lucky and eternally grateful that I have extremely supportive parents, and they were the reason I was able to take the RADA foundation (as that was also not funded - my parents savings essentially meant I could go) but they cannot help me like that this time. 

When I move to London (currently In Cornwall) I will be working a job(s) on top of my training to pay my rent. It is 40+ contact hours a week - for those who don't know much about drama schools, my days will be 8/9am-6pm 5 days a week. I will work as much as I can, most likely a few weekdays after school, and on the weekends.

Essentially, I can work to pay my rent, but with the course fees I am trying to gather as much as I can before I leave - i.e I'm currently working 3 jobs at the moment and saving as much of that as I can. 

I am extremely grateful for whatever I can get through crowdfunding from you. 

I have chosen this career path because I love performing, I love sharing moments with strangers and I love people. That's what my work is essentially - trying to understand what it is to be human. This is the career I want, and I won't give up - especially not because of money. SO, thank you for your time, and if you have donated - thank you. I am one step closer. 

With gratitude,

Charlotte Boyle

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