Drama School Dream

by mbethune in London, Greater London, England

Drama School Dream
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Hello there :)

My name is Melissa Bethune and I have recently been accepted at Drama Studio London on their Two year Diploma course in Professional Acting. This achievement is a dream come true for me as I have been working very hard towards this goal, developing my skills as an actor and practitioner for many years. This course acceptance is the reason why I have created this page, as I need to be able to commit fulltime to the acting tuition in order to take full advantage of the teaching, honing of my craft and peer/industry contacts that this course can help with. Unfortunately I find myself in the position of being unable to afford the course fees without some assistance.

I am writing to ask if you would please consider sponsoring me in anyvalue/amount in order for me to be able to take my place on the course, allowing me to further develop my skills and industry experience to prosper in my career. My BA Hons Academic degree inDrama, Theatre and Performance Studies,(a helpful theoretical basis for my acting), restricts my eligibilityfor any further Student Loans funding for this essential vocational training.

I have been working as Box Office Assistant to contribute as much as I can towards the fees as I would never ask for any help without working hard and trying to help myself independently. However this will in no way get me to the total amount needed for the course. My determined nature refuses to let this circumstance discourage me and I have continued to persevere in my mission to raise enough money formy professional acting training; by writing to numerous education authorities, trusts and charities et cetera for any help they may be willing to offer me, which also brings me to write to you wonderfully generous people and ask for your support in this dream.

WhatI hope to achieve in the future:

After dedicating these two years to my vocational training I want to graduate with a variety of skills that enable me to work professionally, such as: singing, voice, dance and movement, textwork, Shakespeares verse and acting for film etc. My goals for the future would be to work consistently in theatre for a couple of yearsto really hone in on the skills I learned. During this time I would also like to work in radio, then after this broaden my experienceinto visual recorded media, using my public platform to tell stories that I have strong interest in. For instance: stories about real people and their successes and struggles, race or religious beliefs, privilege and poverty, strength and weakness as well as current world issues.  

I would also like to be in a position where I can set up a small support fund for any future students at Drama Studio London. I have the goal in mind of setting up weekly drama classes in East London where I live, as I want to create a place where young people can go to experience the thrill of acting, use the classes to be creative and, in all honesty, be somewhere positive and engaging and stay off the streets. I believe we should all have access to Drama classes inorder to express ourselves; it really, really saddens me to know that as a subject it is currently in a state limbo in our schools at the moment and I could not imagine where I would be without it.

THANK YOU for taking the time out of your day to read my letter, I really do appreciate it :)

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