Help Get Drake's Drummers To Edinburgh Fringe 2015

Help Get Drake's Drummers To Edinburgh Fringe 2015

To take a self written satirical comedy play entitled 'Shakespeare's Avengers Assembleth: Age Of Oberon' to this year's Edinburgh Fringe.

We did it!

On 29th Jun 2015 we successfully raised £1,223 of £800 target with 56 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

If we are fortunate enough to overfund with this campaign:

£1000 stretch target would raise enough to cover

  • Enitrely cover the costs of transport there and back.
  • Hire additional rehearsal space to further develop the play.
  • Purchase flyers and posters to promote the show in Edinburgh.

£1400 stretch target would raise enough to cover

  • Significant investment in additional props and staging.
  • Have an increased online and printed prescence, using fringe magazines. This has been shown to drastically increase audience numbers.


We are Cal Moffat, Plum Grosvenor-Stevenson, and Adam Toon. Together we are Drake's Drummers Theatre Company based in Plymouth, Devon, UK.

This year along with Kerry Vautier, Jake Hughes, Jack Tiltman, Amy Garrod and Kirstin Sellick we have been offered a place at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

Fresh from university, ambitious to perform, always available to make you laugh. Targeting audiences with unique satirical comedies, our collective writing, directing, and acting hopes to carry us to this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

We are so grateful that our application to perform at this year's Fringe Festival has been accepted and we will be heading up this August for a full run of performances from the 7th August through to the 31st August.

Shakespeare's Avengers Assembleth: Age Of Oberon is our fourth production since forming in 2014. Off the back of a successful run at Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014, we were inspired to aim big for the following year and work towards taking another new self written show up to Scotland this summer.

With a shared passion for Shakespeare's work and a keen interest in Marvel Comics, we sat down back at the end of 2014 and began to devise the idea of thinking what if Shakespeare's universe was ever to meet the Marvel Universe. Very soon it became clear that this play was heading in one direction, it had to be a satirical comedy. What better place to showcase our new show than at this years Fringe Festial!

Who we are?

Four years ago the three of us joined Plymouth University; Cal studied Geography, Plum studied Marine Biology, and Adam studied English and Creative Writing. We all successfully graduated summer of 2014 and now focus on our theatre company, but how did we meet I hear you ask? Aside from our degrees, we all joined the University of Plymouth Amateur Dramatics Society and found friendship through a shared love for performance arts and comedy.

It was back in the winter of 2013/2014 where we started to seriously think about starting our own theatre company, our own business, our own career. We had a play that worked, we had a willing cast, and we had direction. It was with this that we turned our heads to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014 as a testing ground to see whether we could carry this venture on as a successful employment.

Through receiving sellout audiences and a four star review from Broadway Baby whilst we were up in Scotland, we were encouraged to continue working on future productions for our company.

Since returning from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, we've had a really busy year. In September 2014 we received an £800 commission from New Model Theatre to create a brand new play. 'The Shodyssey' was born, a farcical reworking of the most famous greek myths and legends. In January 2015 we had our first performance at the From Devon With Love festival, performing our hit Shakespeare's Avengers Assembleth for the first time infront of a local audience. Most recently, we were delighted to perform at the inaugural Plymouth Fringe, with our brand-new satircal comedy 'Dependence Day', a tounge-in-cheek portrayal of a Cornish independence referendum.

But now, all eyes are geared towards EdFringe 2015!


Productions have included:

Shakespeare's Avengers Assembleth (2014)

The Shodyssey (2014, commissioned by New Model Theatre)

Dependence Day (2015)

Shakespeare's Avengers Assembleth: Age Of Oberon (2015)


Where will your pledges go?

We need to cover remaining costs for:

  • Venue Hire
  • Accomodation
  • Transport

From the moment that we knew we had been accepted into this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival, we have been proactive in booking a venue, accomodation, and transport. We have crunched down the numbers, and from what we have already raised together we have worked out that we need one final push to see us successfully gather enough funds to cover the remaining costs.

We estimate the cost of this would be about £1400 at the minimum and we intend to fund some of this ourselves through working, and selling off things we own.

We would like to thank:

Plymouth University for all their help and support. 

Greenside Venues for once again welcoming us into their Edfringe community. 

Nick Buckland for all his invaluable help and advice.


We will keep you updated on our progress before and during the fringe!


Many thanks for taking the time to read our project and choosing to pledge your support. 


Adam, Plum and Cal.




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