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As Covid-19 devastates communities, we must support the local community groups at the heart of helping.

by https://www.dragonfly-yoga.org in London, England, United Kingdom

Our community's health and wellbeing has always been at the core of our aims. Seeing how this worldwide tragedy is affecting people around us is heartbreaking.

Dragonfly has suspended face-to-face classes due to the Coronavirus outbreak but our neighbours' physical and mental health is our number one priority.

Our team is already working tirelessly to help organise online live yoga classes and provide reassurance and comfort into our customers households. 


The Dragonfly Yoga Studio was launched in 2016, by Mark Lancaster, a sports coach and physio therapist and founder and CEO of Gmax Trackstars Athletics Academy, which was borne out of the 2012 Olympics legacy. 

Dragonfly Yoga was set up by Mark as a community initiative and fundraising activity for Gmax. Apart from running costs, 100% of the profits from Dragonfly Yoga are driven back into the charity.

Gmax Trackstars Athletics Academy is a registered charity (charity no.1138783) that supports local young people, providing coaching in running, jumping and throwing.

The academy helps those, often from disadvantaged backgrounds, to train with professional coaches with many young athletes competing at a national level thanks to the charity’s stewardship.


To develop Olympic and Paralympic performance pathways in the UK by delivering world-leading, evidence-based, technical solutions that have a direct impact on medal success.

The GMax Talented Coaching Team collaborate Programmes to identify and develop talented athletes such as Tobi Adeniyi ranked UK No1 long jumper and Sprinter Vera Chinedu ranked UK No3 in their age group.

All athletes are focuses on supporting sports to improve their systems of performance development through the following three work areas:

  • Providing thought provoking, learning opportunities to development athletes through bespoke Masterclass workshops covering subjects unique to the ‘elite developing athlete’.
  • Permitting sports to benchmark their performance development pathways against world best using diagnostic tools.
  • Applying technical frontline solutions in partnership with sports to identify and develop talented athletes.



Both our Yoga studio and Gmax had a huge positive impact on so many lives over the years, improving fitness and mental health, self-worth and confidence for lots of people who are now part of our family.

It takes a lot to step out of your comfort zone, but the rewards are amazing and we have so much gratitude for everyone that has supported this project and those who achieved their goals with us. 

We have grown so much in the last year and the lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak threatens to jeopardize everything we've built which means so much to all of us.

 Any help and support you can offer us in this extremely uncertain time is vastly appreciated. 

Thank you.


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