Drag your heels

Drag your heels

Our aim is to raise enough money to help us secure premises and contacts, and help get our business off the ground properly.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hello.. my name is Roz and together with my partner Alex we have been been on a mission to turn utterly boring plain shoes into something fabulous! 

We started this venture on the 28th October 2016, Alex unfortunately  had to come out of work the year before due to a bad shoulder injury and requres surgery, hes a glass artist by trade but unfortunately the work is too heavy for him now to do, I myself am a full time carer to both my children who have autism so its been a very trying time for our family.

Ive always had a dream of designing my own shoes, and alex is such a good artist i had an old pair and decided it would be a great idea if we could recycle them, the results were fantastic so much so that when i wore them out people were always stopping me to take pictures which then switched the light bulb on and we knew we were onto something! 

We decided to buy a few pairs of shoes, cover them with materials and add a personal twist, I advertised them on Facebook to gage peoples reaction and within the first week we had over 1000 people loving our work! I made a group and to date have over 3000  members we have sold almost 200 pairs and we are selling our shoes all over the world! We have had a phenomenal response and 100% perfect customer feedback.

Unlike other customised shoes we only use materials and shoes that can be worn time and time again, we take pride in our work, our customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance.

We currently have to run this from home as we are a very young business and we dont have the savings and funds to extend, our home has been completely taken over, we desperately need our own premises to separate the work/home life and we truly believe that we can be a greater success if we had the support and help to achieve this.

Our plan is to open a small premises, source out better suplliers to cut our costs, and eventually design and print our own materials to really set our shoes apart, we would also like to offer a fully bespoke service old style service where shoes are fully custom made to exact specifications of our clients feet for the utmost comfort and style! 

We have big dreams and completely believe 10000% that we can achieve them! We have the passion and drive and to make this work and we know the people want our shoes because we have sold such a large amount for being so young in our venture, we could sell so much more if we had the right tools and resources, we also have customers that order time and time again.

All we need is the opportunity to do this, money is very tight all we are asking for is a chance. We have so much drive and determination all we need is a helping hand and someone to believe in us.