Empowering a Generation with Novel Alfie Stodd

by Lauren Simpson-green in Totnes, England, United Kingdom

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To Inspire and Empower Teens to Take Control of their Lives and Direction with the Novel: Alfie Stodd and The Hypnotist (Released 2022)

by Lauren Simpson-green in Totnes, England, United Kingdom

With 2 1/2 years behind it, and 2 1/2 drafts completed, Alfie Stodd and the Hypnotist is well underway. 

It's a book that could change a generation. But I need YOUR HELP in making sure it gets written!

When I was a teenager, I remember having little to no connection to who I really was. I was a part of the old system; I did things to please others, I was aware of the changes that needed to take place in society but no awareness of the very real impact I had the potential to make. I felt utterly powerless.

And why was that?... 

Because we live in a global culture... of BLAMING THE OUTSIDE.

Imagine a book which challenged that idea. Which showed teens - through high concept story devices - not only WHO they were. But also WHAT they were capable of. 

This is a book which shows teens how to dissolve their shadows and remove everything that's holding them back! And why does that need to be delivered in a book? Because it was books - novels aimed at Young Adults - which helped ME to realise that there was so much more out there than the small world of helplessness and struggle which I, and many teens still find themselves in. 

Imagine a book which inspired teens to use those years often frought with upset and confusion TO THEIR ADVANTAGE?! This is a book which challenges out-grown victim mentalities, and shows teens that they have the power to connect with who they really are and take the helm in their lives. At a period in history where children are beginning to do this already, in the form of school strikes to protest against the climate crisis, these issues are right on topic. Yet we are still going to need current, and future generations to do this ON ALL LEVELS. We need them to have a COMPLETE shift in perception. And art, or to be more specific, an important book (hint, hint!!) Could offer that kind of a shift.

And this IS an important book. Where else would you find a writer who deals with hypnosis, past lives, metaphysics and a hero’s journey to the self within the confines of a Young Adult novel about a boy who has run away from home? 

I have been researching the type of hypnosis featured in the book for the past 5 years. And please trust me when I say, a huge amount of the book is autobiographical. I've been to those dark places, and I know what teens are going through. The next J.K Rowling? Possibly!! And just imagine: YOU can say, I funded that project when it was birthing itself! I was onboard so this novel got written and it was completed... BECAUSE OF ME. Does it really get much better than that?!

All funds will be put towards weaving as much magic into those pages of what is already shaping up to be a fantabulous, star-spangling  book! 

For every person who pledges, you will receive:

£5 A Thank You Email

£10 An Alfie Stodd Quiz

£20 A Signed Copy of the Book when it's Released

£50 A Signed Copy when it's Released for you and your family, PLUS 4 copies for your Local Library

£100 A Signed Copy, 4 copies for your Local Library, PLUS a Video Shout-Out 

£500 Yourself or your Child written into the book as a minor character!

£800 A Virtual Writing Workshop for Your Child or Teen, hosted by Me

£1000 or more, you will receive an under-wraps, sneak-peak draft chapter of the novel, PLUS A Signed Copy, and a Virtual Writing Workshop

I’m so excited and pumped up about this story, and about YOUR participation in the realisation of Alfie’s adventures. In advance and from the bottom of my heart, Thank You.

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