Dr Angelus - Finborough Theatre 2016

Support emerging artists in staging an exciting revival of James Bridie's Dr Angelus at the Finborough Theatre this winter

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Dr Angelus by James Bridie

Finborough Theatre , Nov 27 - Dec 20 on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays.


“You had your suspicions and you should have had the guts to speak out.”

Glasgow, 1920. Earnest young doctor George Johnson has just been made partner in the medical practice of his eccentric senior colleague Dr Angelus. It seems like the perfect start to his career until  Dr Angelus’ treatment of his own mother-in-law results in her death. As suspicions of murder multiply and the true nature of his partner is revealed, he finds himself caught in a web of deceit…

A classic psychological thriller with a cast led by David Rintoul and Malcolm Rennie, Dr Angelus is an exciting Finborough rediscovery writtern by playwright, author, screenwriter and doctor, James Bridie. Bridie was one of the founding fathers of modern Scottish theatre, and one of the West End’s most acclaimed dramatists of the 1930s and 1940s. Laced with gallows humour, Bridie’s surreal and sinister play asks what price the individual will pay if they speak out, and what is at stake if they do not. This marks the first production in England since its 1947 West End premiere, starring Alastair Sim and George Cole. 



Help bring this show to the stage

We need your support in raising some extra funds to realise the creative vision of the team and make this revival the best it can possibly be. The creative team consists of three shorlisted creatives for the Old Vic 12 2016 who are all debuting in their respective fields. Funding this production ensures that we as a team are not limited financially to achieve our creative ambitions, you'd be given support to an exceptional female-led production team. 

Funds raised will go towards:

  • Set design
  • Costume & props
  • Supporting our marketing campaign to achieve a successfull run and awareness of the play

Why might you want to support Dr Angelus?

  • You enjoy Scottish theatre and playwrights
  • You're a fan of James Bridie and his work as a founding father of Scottish theatre
  • You like championing emerging artists
  • A Winter thriller at the award-winning Finborough theatre sounds right up your street
  • You have an interest in the medical profession and the issues of whistleblowing
  • It's a play written by a Doctor, about Doctors

How can you help

Do take a few minutes to watch our crowdfunder video, any donation no matter how small will make a huge difference! Ways you can support the team include:

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