Fund a DPhil in Archaeological Science at Oxford

Fund a DPhil in Archaeological Science at Oxford

Help to fund the first year of my Doctorate degree in trauma analysis at the University of Oxford.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I'm Emese, a 25 year-old student from Hungary. I recently completed an MA in Archaeology and an MSc in Bioarchaeology and Forensic Anthropology at UCL. I was offered one of the 3/4 places per year of a DPhil (PhD) in Archaeological Science at Oxford. Unfortunately, I did not receive a scholarship, since my field is not well-funded. 

My project would focus on identifying evidence of traumatic injuries altered by the effects of heating in human remains. I would use an experimental approach to develop a method to identify potential weapons, and stages of burning on bones. To date there are only limited applications available because there are many difficulties in assessing burnt bones. The results would then be compared with prehistoric osteological assemblages. Having conducted related research during my Masters degree, and I am inspired to expand this work by developing a methodology, which would be useful for the archaeological, the forensic anthropological communities, and it would greatly enhance future police work. 

This position would be an excellent opportunity for me to learn and progress in a field I am passionate about and one I was preparing for during my whole academic career. All contributions are greatly appreciated! 

Thank you :)

P.S.: The picture is a scanning electron microscope image of a wood saw traumatised pig bone, burnt at 800 celsius degrees for 20 minutes from my Masters experimental project.