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We want to promote British motorsport to a degree never before attempted, by expanding Downforce Radio to YouTube in beautiful HD video!

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Project aim

We want to promote British motorsport to a degree never before attempted, by expanding Downforce Radio to YouTube in beautiful HD video!

About the project

With Downforce TV, we believe we can explore the many exciting and fascinating disciplines of motorsport in a way never before attempted or achieved. There are some incredible forms of motorsport that the general public have no idea is going on, some of which takes place right around the corner from their house! With this in mind, we feel that the sport needs some investment to promote it to the masses, and we want to roll up our sleeves and give British motorsport the exposure, coverage and attention we feel it deserves, from the top flight of Formula One to the bottom of the tree playing video games in your living room.

With this in mind we want to launch Downforce TV as a digital, YouTube based, TV platform for motorsports of all disicplines, budgets and locations. Motorsports such as lawnmowers, hovercrafts, slot cars, radio cars, fighting robots, autosolo, cross country, autograss and many more have barely ever been treated with the respect they deserve. We aim to change that.

To those who compete in oval racing, motorcycle enduros, air racing, club karting or car trials, their sport is the pinnacle of their motorsport careers, the focus of their endeavours and the reason they slug it out 9-5 Monday to Friday. We believe that motorsport should be fun, and with this in mind it's time to expand from Downforce Radio to Downforce TV.

Check out our video for a project we intend to be the core of our channel: #Motorsport100. In this series, we aim to educate the motorsport fans around the UK and the world what sports are out there, how to get involved, where they take place, to meet the former champions and current racers and to give these championships and its competitors the credit so richly afforded to them.

Plus we also intend to create track guides to various motorsports locations, meet up with famous personalities within the sport, set our Downforce team some hilarious and exciting motorsport challenges, produce intense gaming simulation videos and reviews, ride on board with some of the stars of the sport and give you a platform to tell us what YOU want from your motorsport.

To do this, we need to invest in the right equipment to give you the best motorsports coverage EVER in glorious HD, whenever you want it through our website and through YouTube. And who knows, if you're a club racer or a championship organiser, you may finally get the credit and recognition you deserve by becoming the stars of our TV channel!!So whether you pledge a little or pledge a lot, we'll be so grateful to you for joining us in putting the fun, the adrenaline and the intensity back into British motorsport!

Downforce TV - Your Motorsport TV Station in Beautiful HD!!!

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