Dowlicious smoothie bar

Dowlicious smoothie bar

Help us, Help you, the natural way! Delicious, Raw and Nutritional smoothies on the go........

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hey folks, its Sammy, im a 33 year old cancer survivor on a mission!! On my journey to recovery, i discovered that food is medicine and how much a healthy diet is detriment to your health. Smoothies helped me recover and fast, from the awful treatments that cancer brings and is continuing to maintain my good health.

I'm looking to raise funds to start an exciting venture into providing the general public with delicious, raw and nutritional smoothies. I am keen to re-educate the new generation, on how important it is to eat as much natural food as they can. Although I understand it isnt easy in this progressing modern day society with the current rise in; fad diets, excessive junkfood and disease at its all time highest. I think now is the time to make a change!

Its becoming more convienient for us to grab food and drink on the go, however usually at a cost to our health ultimatley. I want to try and change that by starting up a smoothie van, to provide fresh and nutritional smoothies to the public. My aim would be to target schools, gyms, parks, festivals and frequent visits around the community as would an ice cream van.

Current statistics are proving to us that diseases are rising rapidly and the food we are consuming is contributing to this.  Research is showing from Independent and Parent Zone who have conducted a survey that mental health amongst teenagers has increased rapidly and is now being classed as an epidemic as shown below.

Also cancer diagnosis has risen by 23% in the last 5 years and is set to soar from 2 million people in 2010, to 4 million by 2030, according to official statistics from macmillan.  Diabetes uk statistics show that the rise is diabetes has soared by 59.8% in a decade.

The children of today are the ones that will eventually suffer from the unhealthy lifestyles that is, sadly becoming more common due to the  junk "food" that is available! Nows the time to give our children and ourselves the healthier option, with all this is mind we need to change the way we think, live and eat!!